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Welcome back

We looking forward to seeing you on your return to the University.

Online registration

Most students should be able to register online via: from 4th September 2018.

For those that are eligible, please ensure you have re-applied for your student loan and your application has been approved. Until your application is approved you cannot fully register online.

While you have re-assessments or resit exams to take, you will need to wait until your results are confirmed (after 24th September) before you can register online for your next year of study.

You will need to seek academic advice before you can continue with your studies if you have not been successful with your reassessments.

If your decision is RY (Repeat Year) please contact your course leader to approve your unit choice. Once this has been agreed, please go to the registration rooms, aat your allotted time, to complete your registration.

Registration queries

Please email:

Registering online

UK and European students

After you have registered on-line, your registration document should state 'Congratulations! you have now successfully registered as a student for this year'. This means you do NOT need to attend the registration rooms in person.

If you do not have this message, you will need to register in person.

Registering in person

  • UK and European students: If you have not been able to complete registration online, you MUST attend your scheduled registration session which is advertised below.
  • International (non-UK and non-European Union) students: you should pre-register online but you MUST also attend in person in order to have your Visa checked. This is to comply with the UKVI requirements.

Milton Keynes based students

Please register at either Luton or Bedford Campuses, if you cannot complete online registration.

Registration Schedule Bedford Campus

Thursday 27 Sep 2018 09:30-16:00 P0.32/P0.33/Learning Hub EDUCATION STUDIES / PERFORMING ARTS & ENGLISH RETURNERS
Friday 28 Sep 2018 09:30-15:00 P0.32/P0.33/Learning Hub HEALTH & SPORT RETURNERS
Monday 1 Oct 2018 10:30-16:00 Learning Hub BUSINESS / TEACHER EDUCATION RETURNERS

Registration Schedule Luton Campus

Friday 28 Sep 2018 09:30-15:00 Postgrad Centre, Ground Floor BUSINESS RETURNERS
Monday 1 Oct 2018 10:30-18:00 Postgrad Centre, Ground Floor HEALTH RETURNERS
Tuesday 2 Oct 2018 09:30-16:00 Postgrad Centre, Ground Floor CATS RETURNERS
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