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Ontological Narratives - A Practice-led Project


Ontological Narratives - A Practice-led Project

Arts and Humanities Research Council

PI Joanna Callaghan

Ontological Narratives is a practice-led project that will explore the relation between narrative form and ontology. 2008.

The research will address the following questions:

  • How can philosophical concepts be translated into aesthetic products?
  • How can ‘a way of being’ be presented without abstraction or illustration?
  • What role does narrative play in developing a coherent vision of philosophical concepts?
  • What new forms of filmic narrative arise out of experimentation with narrative structure?

These questions will be explored via practice-based research that will produce a film for exhibition, document this research and reflect on this process through critical writing.

The practice element of the project will be carried out in 2008.

Ontological Narratives is funded by the AHRC under their practice-led research scheme.

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