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Paul Lashmar

Paul Lashmar

Research fellow and investigative journalist

Paul Lashmar's specialist areas include business fraud, intelligence, terrorism, organised crime, offshore crime, and the Cold War.

He is currently researching models of financial journalism, and recently gave a paper ‘Subprime – the death of financial reporting or a failure of investigative journalism?’ at The End of Journalism? conference University of Bedfordshire, 17-18 October 2008. He also freelances for Independent on Sunday writing about the intelligence side of the ‘war on terror’, The Guardian and The Evening Standard. He has recently published ‘Sub-prime – a crisis in journalism?’ in Press Gazette 18th July 2008.

Selected academic publications

  • Lashmar, P (2008) Investigative Journalism and reporting the war on terror. In Hugo de Burgh (ed) Investigative Journalism Routledge
  • Lashmar P (2008) ‘West Europe and North America Global corruption report’ Transparency International 2001 London ; Sterling, Va. : Pluto Press ; Berlin : Transparency International, pgs 138-151
  • Lashmar, P. (1993) Outsiders - in from the cold. British Journalism Review 4.1: 32-36.
  • Lashmar, P. (1992) A fraudster's charter. British Journalism Review 3.4: 40-43.
  • Lashmar P. (1984) ‘Information as Power’. In Aubrey, Crispin & Chilton, Paul (eds)
    Nineteen Eighty Four in 1984: Autonomy, Control & Communication Comedias Publishing Group paperback.
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