Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Innovation is the lifeblood of any business, but how do you access the kind of expertise to make it happen?

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) could be the answer - creating a dynamic three-way collaboration between:

  • A business or not for profit organisation - a local company
  • One of the UK’s world-class knowledge bases - The University of Bedfordshire
  • A suitably qualified graduate - KTP Associate

Working together, this partnership powers strategic innovation projects, embeds expertise and drives commercial growth.


What is a KTP?

KTPs are a long standing government funded scheme, designed to link our world-class academics with forward thinking companies for specific industry collaborations, to deliver strategic innovation projects within the UK.

The aim is to foster these partnerships and begin a journey to equip SMEs the with improved knowledge on business acumen and general productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. It’s a three-way partnership from which everyone benefits.

KTP projects are led by talented graduates or post grads (the KTP Associates), who are then supervised and guided by an academic for the benefit of the business.

Successful KTPs are funded by UK Research and Innovation through Innovate UK, part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

How does a KTP work?

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership lasts for anything from one to three years. All of the knowledge gained during this time is embedded in the business, providing a valuable base to build on long after the project has finished. KTPs can transform organisations of any size and in any sector looking to address a core strategic challenge.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships facilitates the transfer of knowledge and the spread of technical and business skills provide business-based training for graduates in order to enhance their commercial and specialist skills stimulate and enhance business relevant research and teaching undertaken by the University of Bedfordshire's academia.

The funding received covers a contribution to associate employment costs, academic support, training, travel, equipment and consumables.

What are the benefits for companies?

  • Start a strategic relationship with the University of Bedfordshire
  • Access highly qualified people to spearhead new projects
  • Access experts who can help take your business forward
  • Develop innovative solutions to help your business grow
  • Develop your company for today’s market
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Improve your performance/business operations
  • Increase profitability

What are the benefits for academics?

  • Start a strategic relationship with a company
  • Income counts towards the Research Excellence Framework
  • Develop new teaching and research ideas
  • Act as a mentor for postgraduates working on business-related projects
  • Opportunity for young academics to gain supervision experience
  • Publish high-quality research papers
  • Apply knowledge and expertise to business problems
  • Assist strategic change in business

Graduates (The KTP Associate)

A KTP Associate is a graduate with a degree in the relevant field. KTP Associates are employed for the duration of the KTP to manage a project that is strategic to the company’s development and growth. The Associate is supported throughout any projects by University of Bedfordshire academics.


The opportunity for your organisation to realise positive, transformational change and growth. KTPs create a mutually beneficial collaboration between your business, an academic or research organisation, and a suitably qualified graduate (known as the Associate) with the capability to lead a strategic project. This partnership embeds vital new expertise, stimulates business growth and powers innovation excellence.

A KTP also provides your business with extraordinary and cost-effective access to the unique resources within the UK’s knowledge base: research expertise, cutting-edge technology and equipment, and solution-oriented initiatives.

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