Meet the Wheelchair Basketball Team

Meet the Wheelchair Basketball Team

University of Bedfordshire Wheelchair Basketball Team 2017

The team represented the University of Bedfordshire at the Wheelchair Basketball University Championships in March 2017.

Dominic La Mura

#10 Dominic LA MURA
BSc Sport & Physical Education, Year 2

I feel proud and honoured to captain this initiative to bring communities together and to bring a competitive and fun sport to those who need more opportunities to take part. It's something I think can expand into more universities and a sport that can have an increase in participation. For those with disabilities, to not only play against those with other disabilities but to play as a combined abled and disabled unisex team, I believe is a breakthrough. The build up has been inspiring and we've experienced friendships and growth for what we all bring to the team. I look forward to the fun and exciting weekend at the championships.

Marcos Ramos

#7 Marco RAMOS
Vice Captain

BA Sport Development & Management

It's my first time competing in wheelchair basketball.

I'm looking forward to it very much.

Clive Sheridan

BA (Hons) Criminology & Sociology, Year 3

We have a good side with a mixture of people who could help us do well. It's going to be a fun competition and feeling confident we will finish well.

Kira Wooltorton

BA (Hons) Physical Education (Secondary) (with QTS), Year 2

I am really excited to take part in the Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. It will be a great experience to take part in and it is wonderful to represent your University at a great event.

Charlie Tebrook

#8 Charlie TEBROOK

The build-up to the championships have been exciting and challenging. We’re hoping for a great championship weekend. We have been giving 100% in training and worked on building a great team.

Emma Salisbury

BA (Hons) Physical Education (with QTS), Year 1

I am excited to be given the opportunity to play at this tournament as it is a different experience and one I know I will thoroughly enjoy. It also gives those who are in a Wheelchair a chance to take part in sport which is really important.

Lauren Milne

#11 Lauren MILNE
BA (Hons) Physical Education (with QTS), Year 1

Regarding the competition ahead, I am really looking forward to experience the opportunity I have been given as it is new and exciting. I am hoping that I can adapt the skills I already have to contribute towards the team and get the most out of the weekend.

Jack Poulton

#14 Jack POULTON

BA (Hons) Sport Studies, Year 3

The team have a great bond and it will be a fantastic experience to play with good people, and it will be a privilege to represent the University at this event. We have been training really well and it's been a good break from studies and I think I have found a new pastime.

Leo Ohemeng


I am looking forward to the championships. It is going to be a great challenge and a lot of fun.

We have all been training hard for this and the team spirit is great.

Luke Joines

Head Coach

BA (Hons) Sport & Physical Education, Year 2

This has been an amazing achievement setting up a new Wheelchair Basketball team at the University Of Bedfordshire to give students an opportunity to play and become active. I feel honoured to be able to represent the university in such an inclusive and inspiring event. The University Championships will allow students to experience competitive Wheelchair Basketball whilst witnessing some of England's greatest student athletes in action. The two-day competition is a great platform for us to learn, develop and to grow as a new team. I look forward to our first Championship at the New National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester.

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University of Bedfordshire Wheelchair Basketball Team

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