Get Active Tasters

Get Active host one-off taster sessions throughout the year to give staff and students the chance to try something new! These are all free to Get Active members and non-members can attend certain events at an extra cost.

If you have any suggestions for taster sessions that you'd like to see happen then please get in touch -

Past Tasters


Bedfordshire Golf Club, Bedford

Our most recent golf tournament took place in June 2018 at Bedfordshire Golf Club. This was completely free for staff and students with a Get Active membership. Non-members can sign up for just £10. The tournament consists of 18 holes of golf with bacon rolls beforehand. This tournament is also open to those currently attending Get Active golf lessons in Bedford or Luton. We may be able to lend you golf clubs if you do not have your own.

Golf tournament

Archery Tag

Polhill Arena, Bedford

We worked with the Archery team to organise an Archery Tag taster which helped us raise money to go towards Beds SU's total for Sport Relief. We hosted 2 x 1 hour sessions for staff and students to try this very exciting activity.

Archery tag session

Horse Riding Taster

Stockwood Equestrian Centre

Staff and students were given the opportunity to try horse riding for the first time which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. They were also given an insight into basic grooming of horses.

Horse riding and grooming session

Snowboarding and Skiing

Snozone, Milton Keynes

We took 2 groups of students and staff to Snozone in Xscape, Milton Keynes so that they could complete their Level 1 in either skiing or snowboarding. This was all at no extra cost to them. Most ticked off Level 1 and were well on their way to achieving Level 2. There was enough interest that we were able to get a corporate deal for our staff and students and continued to visit for several months afterwards until they were of a competent level to ski or snowboard independently. You can see a video of this visit here

We visited Snozone again in 2018 with groups of staff and students who were trying snow sports for the first time. In addition, we had a few slope passes available for those that had built up their skills and were competent skiing or snowboarding on their own. Again, this was a very succesful trip.

Snowboarding and skiing

Jump Arena Dodgeball Tournament

JumpArena, Luton

Several teams of staff and students battled it out to be crowned the winners of our first JumpArena Dodgeball Tournament. The dodgeball tournament took place on trampolines! When teams weren't playing a match they were able to use any other areas in the facility including the general trampolines, basketball hoops and foam pits. Watch last year's event here

We were planning another tournament in 2018 but unfortunately JumpArena shut down 2 weeks before our event. If you would be interested in something similar at another venue, get in touch at

Dodgeball in progress

Summer Golf Tournament

Mowsbury Golf Club, Bedford

We hosted a golf tournament at Mowsbury Golf Club in Bedford where golfers of varying abilities represented the campus they were from and competed in a Luton v Bedford head to head. Luton team were the winners 3-1. Longest Drive winner - Charlotte Poynter. Nearest to the pin winner - Bruno.

Please see above for details of our current golf tournament.


Alexander Sports Centre, Bedford

We held a futnet tournament at ASC after a taster from England Futnet. The up and coming sport is a mixture of football, tennis and volleyball.

Playing Futnet ball

Disability Football

Polhill Arena, Bedford

This event was free for anyone to take part in and was put on with Beds FA to raise awareness of disability sports, especially football. Students and staff were able to try walking football as well as blind football thanks to the blindfolds and special football loaned by the FA.

Disability football - playing blindfolded

Bedfordshire University

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