Creative Writing employability

Practitioner and transferable skills

Writing skills

The ability to write clearly and accurately in a range of styles and voices is highly prized by employers. By studying creative writing you will excel in this area.

Presentation skills

By workshopping your ideas and work in progress with other students and the staff you will develop skills in presenting your ideas clearly and succinctly, persuading people of their value.

Structuring narratives

Communication is about telling stories. Through this course you will learn how to use a range of narrative devices to tell stories and engage readers; a skill that you will be able to transfer to many graduate careers.

Following instructions

Your assessed work throughout the course will be based around clear professional briefs that will guide your development.

Research skills

Timely and accurate research is at the heart of professional practice in creative writing. You will learn how to enrich your work with detailed, believable scenarios that engage and enthral your readers.

Personal and professional development

CV cover letter and synopsis writing

The publishing industry has specific expectations. There are ways in which to set out your CV and ways to pitch your ideas. You will learn how to approach a publisher and how to build a network of professional contacts.

Writing Dark Fantasy fiction and horror

The teaching staff are experienced published authors in a number of genres but here you will have a unique opportunity to work on dark fantasy.

Portfolio experience

Special projects

The special project is an opportunity for you realise your creative ideas in a supportive environment. Develop something that you are really proud of and use it as a stepping-stone to the next stage of your career as a writer.

Professional recognition and endorsement

Professional practice unit

In this unit you will explore the different ways professional writers work and how they secure work.

Writing fantasy, fiction, investigating markets for submissions

You will learn how to recognise new and emerging areas of interest within the publishing industry and the ways in which you can tailor your work to meet the demand.


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