Media Performance & Media Communications employability

Practitioner and transferable skills

Specialism in pathway

Our courses allow you to specialise in specific areas of the media so that you build your employability in the areas that directly interest you.

Critical thinking

The relationships between the media and society are complex and thinking about these interactions will develop your critical thinking skills so that you can offer employers new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Technical management skills

The media industries require multi-skilled people who can take on a range of tasks across a number of disciplines. Our courses ensure that your creative practice is backed up with the necessary technical productions skills to bring your ideas to fruition.

Communication, research and scriptwriting skills

The communication skills you develop as part of a media course are universally applicable, whatever career path you take.

Directing/leadership skills and pitching for direction

Through extended, large-scale practical projects you will develop and practise your leadership skills, an essential element of a graduate career.

Proposal for special project

The Special Project proposal is your opportunity to develop new ideas and test them out. If you have a passion for a particular piece of media work the project proposal is you chance to pitch it.

Understanding & interpreting quantitative analysis

Data is an important part of media research, informing creative practice and improving your transferable skills. For example, using quantitative information about audiences can guide your decision-making.

Personal and professional development

All units target professional and personal development

Employability is a pervasive theme throughout our courses. Every unit will look at an aspect of media in the context of professional practice and the media industries.

Theatre in Education special projects

If you choose this route you can combine performance work with work in education and/or the community. This will broaden your experience and help you decide whether to perhaps pursue a career in teaching media or drama.

Teamwork and interpersonal skills

Throughout your course you will have the opportunity to work together with other students in a professional environment. You will take on various professional roles so that you develop a range of skills that will enhance your employability.

Seeing theatre performances

The best creative practice shows an awareness of what others have done and are doing. We will help you broaden your appreciation of performance by exposing you to the best there is to see.

Portfolio experience

Art & event management

Students from these courses often become involved in organising and curating festivals and events. This is an excellent opportunity to move into employment

Work-based learning

The academic staff can guide you towards a range of authentic work-based learning opportunities through their excellent contacts within the local creative arts community.

Authentic assessment and joint assessment

We use assessments to help you learn. The staff create realistic scenarios that allow you to show what you can do in a professional setting.


One of the biggest assets you leave with is a showreel. We will help you craft a professional showreel that showcases your talent for potential employers.

Special project outputs

Part of your showreel will always be your special project, a large-scale practical piece of work that brings together all the skills and knowledge you have acquired through the course.

Professional recognition and endorsement

BJTC accreditation and CIPR accreditation pending

If you choose a professionally accredited course you will receive industry recognition of your skills and abilities alongside your academic qualification. This is highly valued by employers.

Ethical codes and professional code of conduct

The media are a powerful force within our society and so you have an obligation to use your skills responsibly. Throughout your course you will consider the implications of what you are doing and the impact it could have on those involved.


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