Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Practitioner and transferable skills

Employer input to course development

We have worked with professionals from the sports therapy industry to ensure the content of your course gives you the best preparation for working in the industry as a graduate.

Scenario work

You will learn using scenarios to which provides exciting lessons by mirroring real clinical case studies and allows you to be assessed as you would in a working environment.

Clinical case based teaching and assessment

All of our clinical teaching is case based, drawing heavily on clinical narratives and clinical case studies to inform teaching and your assessment

Annual BSc Sports Therapy Conference

Each Spring the department runs a Sports Therapy BSc Annual Conference where third year students present their research projects to first, second and year students, staff and external visitors.

This is an exciting day where you can discuss and debate research evidence in relation to your professional practice. 

Personal and professional development

Professional practice units

In each year of the BSc course you will study a professional practice unit where you focus on your personal and professional development, gaining the attributes you will need for both university and professional practice.

Personal Portfolio support

We actively support you to maintain and reflect on your portfolio of practice experiences. This forms a large component of the professional practice units.

CV writing and building support

You will be introduced to the University’s Careers and Employability Service and the support they offer all students at the University.

You will be helped to build your professional portfolio and to transform elements of these into CVs and personal statements as required.

Learning outcomes linked to career options

The Sports Therapy BSc prepares students for a variety of careers over and above being a Sports Therapist. We therefore recognise the importance of a range of learning from practical clinical skills, through anatomy, physiology and pathology sciences to appreciation of research evidence and research design.  

Portfolio experience

Practice placements (100 hours)

From September 2015 BSc Sports Therapy students are guaranteed 100 hours of high-quality practice placements either within department clinics or out in industry businesses. These will be organised for you by the Department.

Professional portfolio development

During your Department-organised practice and self-organised practice, you are required to capture evidence of your practice and encouraged to reflect on this to enhance your clinical practice skills and thinking.

Professional recognition and endorsement

Professional ethics and values

A significant proportion of our students come from backgrounds where personal and professional ethics and values are not routinely reinforced by family, friends, or teachers. We therefore have made significant efforts to support students to develop these attributes.

Personal tutor resources and Department rules are used to help you identify what will be expected from you in employment within the Sports Therapy industry and beyond.

HSE delivered and assessed first aid

Throughout the course the academic team have attempted to identify industry qualifications that can be attained whilst studying for the degree. One of these is first aid and an HSE-approved teacher will teach and assess you for a industry-recognised qualification.

Industry standards

The academic team are well networked within the Sports Therapy industry and well placed to articulate industry standards, reinforcing these in the classroom and beyond, and ensuring that any emerging values within the industry are reflected within the Department and the course.


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