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Need and extra pair of hands? Employ a Student

Feel like you have too much work and not enough time?

Employing a student is a cost effective way to recruit, allowing you to keep your finances down and your efficiency levels up.

The award winning Careers and Employability Service at the University of Bedfordshire is the solution for your recruitment needs and enables you to recruit quality staff, free of charge!

Dr Moira Hampson, Faculty Manager at the University of Bedfordshire, was very satisfied with the service she received as well as the quality of the candidates:

The service was really helpful in finding someone to employ at Oxford House - a really good result. The process of recruiting worked well, took the pressure off us and they helped organise everything. All three candidates were good and we would use the service again.

University of Bedfordshire Careers and Employability Service offer high quality candidates!

Why not take advantage of Careers and Employability Service to find your ideal employee?

Michelle Morris, Sports Officer is responsible for sport and recreational facilities at the University of Bedfordshire. She was looking to recruit a Football Liaison Officer, to set up and organise football leagues. Michelle used the Careers and Employability Service to source candidates.

This is what Michelle had to say about Careers and Employability Service:

The quality of all candidates was very good. We ended up filling another role, as well as the one originally advertised. The whole process was very smooth, Careers and Employability Service kept me up to date and informed so no complaints at all. I do recommend the services to any business.

If you think you would benefit from some extra help please contact the University of Bedfordshire, Careers and Employability Service who will be more than happy to discuss your recruitment needs. Contact us via or alternatively phone 01582 489293.

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