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The University of Bedfordshire appreciates that sometimes unforeseen situations outside of your control may prevent you from carrying out your academic work.

These are referred to as mitigating circumstances.

Applying for mitigating circumstances

  • Review the criteria - PDF 261.0 KB
  • Complete the mitigating circumstances form in full
  • Submit the form or contact us on or before the assessment date
  • Obtain and provide appropriate supporting evidence

Complete a mitigating circumstances form [DOC]  and email it to us at or drop it in to a Student Information Desk (SID).

Things to remember when applying for mitigating circumstances

  • We do not accept computer problems so ensure you back up your work regularly in several independent and secure locations
  • Transport issues are not usually accepted if you are late for an examination or in-class test
  • Any application for mitigating circumstances must be submitted before or on the deadline of the assessment. We cannot usually review late applications.
  • The vast majority of illnesses that occur are minor and although you may feel unwell for a couple of days, they are events that rapidly resolve. Such illnesses are a part of everyday life and you must plan your work so that they do not interfere with your studies.
  • Mitigating cirumstances cannot be used to strike or remove a submission that has been made - this includes if you have sat an examination or in-class test.  The work will need to be marked.
  • You should apply as soon as you know you cannot submit your work on time.  It can take up to 2 days to review an application, so if you apply on the date of your submission you are unlikely to get a response before your deadline.

Unsure about your evidence or want to talk to someone?

Attend a mitigation drop in session in Luton where you can find out more about the evidence needed and whether your circumstances can be considered. These are normally held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14.00 - 16.00 in the Luton Campus Centre.

I am awaiting a mitigation decision, should I submit my work?

You should submit your assessment as soon as it is complete! Keep working on your assessment and submit your work the day you complete it. All extensions will depend on the evidence and will be awarded from the original hand-in date.  

Once we receive your completed form and evidence we will normally be able to make a decision within two working days. We will usually email our decision to your student email address. 

If you choose to submit work within the submission deadline then no additional mitigation can be applied and your grade will stand.

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