Directory of Experts

Our directory of experts lists academics who are happy to speak to the media and offer comment on their area of expertise.

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Dr Guangming Cao 

Management information systems; e-commerce and e-business; web analytics; business data analytics; change management.

Dr Paul Sant 

Smart cities;Graph Theory;Algorithm Design;Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics;Bioinformatics;Trust Modelling;Security Modelling in Pervasive Environments;Computer Security and Forensics

Christopher Dixon 

Aviation law; travel and tourism law.

Tariq Khan 

Procedural law; criminal law; evidence; arbitration

Prof Andrew Guppy 

Occupational psychology; health psychology; forensic psychology.

Prof Gail Kinman 

Work-related stress; work-life balance; occupational health psychology; stress, resilience and wellbeing in organisational settings; the experience and impact of emotions at work (including emotional intelligence and emotional labour).

Dr Hossein Kaviani 

Emotional and cognitive aspects of mental disorders; psychological/cultural characteristics and prosocial/political behaviour; emotion, cognition and culture; social cognition.

Dr Simon Reilly 

Surveillance (workplace and societal); web design and usability; qualitative research methods; social networks; the employment relationship/psychological contract.

Professor Yanqing Duan 

Adoption and impact analysis of emerging digital technologies; digital business management; information systems; e-commerce and e-business; business website design; decision support systems and knowledge-based systems.

Dr Erica Cook 

Health behaviour change; uptake of healthcare services; impact of emotional factors on eating behaviour (dietary restraint and binge eating); e-health and telehealth; out-of-hours care.

Dr Mohammad Alramahi 

international energy law, oil, gas, dispute resolutions, international commercial arbitration, commercial contracts

Dr Stephen Barber 

Government;Brexit;Budgets;G20;elections;economics;Public Administration;Public Policy;Strategic Business Environment

Dr Emma Short 

Cyber stalking, cyber bullying and trolling; phone behaviours.

Prof Janice Wearmouth 

Special Education Needs (SEN); literacy difficulties; behavioural concerns in schools; teacher professional development; inclusion

Professor Uvanney Maylor 

Educational equity, inclusion and social justice; ethnicity, racism and culture as they impact on educational practice and on BME students and staff.

Theo Maniski 

English language and linguistics

Katy R Hohmann 

Pronunciation, grammar and general communication for English as a second language

Dr Sally Bentley, Executive Dean 

Higher education pedagogy (teaching profession, practice and methods); assessment; quality assurance and enhancement; QAA

Dr Silvia Borelli 

Public international law; international human rights law; international humanitarian law; use of force / 'laws of war'; foreign relations law; international/European human rights laws/obligations; protection of migrants and asylum seekers; counter-terrorism and human rights; cultural diversity and human rights.

Dr Bushra Ahmed 

Gene therapy;Brain injury;Neuronal survival;Memory impairment;Programmed cell death (apoptosis);Parkinson's

Dr Chris Papadopoulos 

stigma;autism;social robotics;mental health;informal carers/parents;older adults;culture

Dr Nasreen Ali 

health inequalities;Widening participation on nursing, midwifery and allied health courses and careers;Mental health (in particular eating disorders and self-harm) Consanguinity Maternal and infant health (in particular gestational diabetes and perinatal mental health) ;Consanguinity;Children’s transition from paediatric to adult services; Health technology;Cross-cultural aspects of infertility;Older mothers and psychological well-being;Health behaviour

Professor Jan Domin 


Louise Grant 

Stress and resilience in child & family social workers; reflective practice and emotional resilience for social work practice

Roma Thomas  

Social work; Youth;Young masculinities;Family social work

Professor Mike Fisher 

Social work & social care; dementia - social perspectives; care; reablement; early intervention; workforce training

Dr Daniel Bailey 

Physical Activity and Health;Principles of Nutrition;Nutrition and Health;Impact of prolonged sitting on human health and disease;Interventions to reduce sedentary behaviour;Physical activity and appetite control

Dr Iain Fletcher 

Biomechanics;Strength and Conditioning; Sport Science;Performance Analysis

Dr Andrew Mitchell 

Biomechanics of sports injuries; sports medicine.

Dr Helen Ives 

Physical education and school sport;sport development and competition (including football);sport pedagogy;improving the quality and quantity of physical education and school sport;sport policy;youth sport.

Juliet Fern, Associate Dean 

Education studies; special educational needs; early years; education partnerships

Maria Kukhareva 


Professor Peter Burns 

Area of Expertise tourism master planning in developing countries; sustainable tourism; climate change

Dr Violet Cuffy 

Tourism Management; Cultural events and festivals; Carnival studies; Diaspora; heritage and culture; Lifelong education and training; Community tourism; Destination management; Island tourism

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