Apprenticeship Policies

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Employer & Apprentice Complaints Policies

The University of Bedfordshire is committed to maintaining an effective procedure to allow all members of its community to make legitimate complaints.

Our Complaints Policies set out how employer and student concerns can be addressed and have been established with the aim of resolving complaints informally through negotiation between individuals immediately concerned with the matter, where possible.

Employer - Please open or download our Complaints Policy [PDF]

Apprentice - Please open or download our Student Policy [PDF]; or for more information, please visit the Student complaints page.

Apprenticeship Subcontracting Policy

The University of Bedfordshire offers higher and degree-level apprenticeships to employers covering a range of subject areas. The University undertakes subcontracting agreements as part of its apprenticeship offer where a subcontracting arrangement will add value to the quality of its apprenticeship delivery.

This policy governs the apprenticeship subcontracting provision within the University and applies to all ESFA funded provision which the University subcontracts. Please open or download our Apprenticeship Subcontracting Policy [PDF]

Apprenticeship Strategy

The University of Bedfordshire has a well-established history and tradition of supporting employment and employability across our region through formal academic awards, short courses, consultancy engagements and project initiatives.

Through our Transforming Bedfordshire 2021-26 Strategy, we will continue to work collaboratively with businesses, institutions, communities and governments on a local, regional and national stage which will be reflected in our developing apprenticeship portfolio. The University has also developed a series of implementation strategies to deliver Transforming Bedfordshire. The Apprenticeship Strategy goals and commitments are aligned with those in the Research and Innovation Strategy and the Education and Student Experience Strategy.

Please open or download our Apprenticeship Strategy 2022-26 [PDF]

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