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Together with our regional partners
, the University of Bedfordshire is hosting a “Beyond Borders: Accelerating business growth on a global scale” event on Tuesday 30th January 2024 from 10am – 12.30pm at our Bedford Campus.

Join us to hear from industry experts and professionals who will share insights and strategies necessary for expanding businesses beyond familiar horizons. You will also get an opportunity to delve into the practical aspects of international business expansion, gaining a toolkit to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Event highlights:

  • Expert Insights: A panel of industry experts will share first-hand knowledge on navigating the complexities of global markets
  • Success Stories: Hear from an international chemical business who've successfully expanded globally, learning from their triumphs and challenges
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth

Our guest speakers include:

  • Department for Business & Trade
  • UK Export Finance
  • Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Innovate UK Edge
  • Barclays Bank
  • University of Bedfordshire's Business School

Start time: 9.30am

End time: 10.00am

(30 minutes)

Activity: Arrival, networking & refreshments

Start time: 10.00am

End time: 10.10am

(10 minutes)

Item 1 | Welcome, housekeeping, introductions & brief overview


Nathan March – Senior Business Partnerships Manager, University of Bedfordshire

Start time: 10.10am

End time: 10.25am

(15 minutes)

Item 2 | Department for Business & Trade: Growing business beyond our borders

Delegates will hear from the UK’s Department for Business & Trade, learning about:

  • The opportunities for selling your products and services to customers overseas
  • The challenges and benefits of trading outside the UK
  • Help available to support your export journey
  • Q&A


Rob Lewtas – Strategic Partner Manager, Southern England, Department for Business and Trade

Start time: 10.25am

End time: 10.40am

(15 minutes)

Item 3 | Growth through International Trade

Delegates will hear from Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce, learning about:

  • Exporting – is it worth it?
  • UK Shared Prosperity Fund – how are BCC supporting the region?
  • Q&A


Justin Richardson – CEO, Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Start time: 10.40am

End time: 10.55am

(15 minutes)

Item 4 | Cultural Intelligence when trading internationally

You will hear from one of University of Bedfordshire’s experts, learning about:

  • Capacity to adapt successfully in diverse settings, beyond cultural differences
  • How to navigate cultural complexities during international expansion


Dr Markus Haag, Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Bedfordshire

Start time: 10.55am

End time: 11.05am

(10 minutes)


Item 5 | Business Spotlight

Delegates will hear from the CEO of Acuigen, a successful international business - who will share his insight on the benefits and challenges experienced whilst trading internationally.


Dr Derek Jones – CEO, Acuigen

Start time: 11.05am

End time: 11.20am

(15 minutes)


Start time: 11.20am

End time: 11.35am

(15 minutes)

Item 6 | Accessing Finance for international trade

You will hear from UK Export Finance, learning about:

  • Available support for businesses in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire


Jo Archer – Export Finance Manager for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, UK Export Finance

Start time: 11.35am

End time: 11.50am

(15 minutes)

Item 7 | Growing globally

You will hear from Barclays expert, learning about:
  • Key business planning considerations
  • Accessing support
  • Managing risk
  • Q&A


Paul Bowman – Vertical Head of International, Specialist Client Solutions, Barclays

Start time: 11.50am

End time: 12.05pm

(15 minutes)

Item 8 | How Innovate UK EDGE can help you make connections to partners and leverage insights to expand into international markets

You will Innovate UK Edge expert, learning about innovation support for internationally focused commercial growth.


Richard Carey-Evans - Innovation & growth specialist, Innovate UK Edge

Start time: 12.05pm

End time: 12.15pm

(10 minutes)

Item 9 | Overview of the University’s business support and event wrap-up

Opportunity for you to hear about the available support initiatives from the University of Bedfordshire.


Nathan March – Senior Business Partnerships Manager, University of Bedfordshire

Start time: 12.15pm

End time: 1.15pm

(1 hour)


Activity: Networking