About ResCAFE


ResCAFE aims to be at the heart of the debate on the role of accounting, finance and economics in the contemporary business and society contexts. The centre is led by the ResCAFE Director, Dr Mohamed Saeudy, and hosts vibrant research clusters and a doctoral community.

It welcomes research partnerships and collaborations, new research ideas, and funding enquiries. Through using a range of diverse research approaches from different disciplines, it promotes the development of accounting, finance and economics role in creating inclusive and sustainable societies.

The centre focuses more specifically on contemporary issues due to the evolution of cultural and technological developments which have changed the dynamics of the business environment. Hence, the role of accounting and finance has become more complex and regulations require significant reforms to protect stakeholders' interests.

The research centre also has a strong practice relevant research culture that which underpins our research-informed teaching curriculum as well as our scholarship in the areas of accounting, finance and economics.

Accounting, Finance and Banking

Members of the group are involved in a range of collaborative and individual projects covering various dimensions of accounting, finance and banking. The centre has strong international links and a global research focus in developed and emerging economies. Research undertaken by the group is transmitted to practitioners through teaching seminars and executive education, following programmes specifically designed to assist translation of research into practice.

Members also apply their research expertise with the local and international communities in engaging in knowledge transfer activities such as teaching on executive education programmes, supervising research degrees, and conducting research-informed teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

The research group also focuses on contemporary issues and challenges such as Green Finance and Accounting, Financial Technology (Fintech), crowd funding and sustainability issues in accounting, finance and banking. The research of the group falls broadly into the following categories:

  • Sustainable Accounting and Finance
  • Climate Change and Modern Slavery
  • Financial Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Corporate Integrated Reporting and Sustainability Initiatives
  • Performance Measurement
  • Corporate Governance
  • Audit and Earning Quality
  • Derivative Markets
  • Public and Private Sector Accounting
  • Research Methods for Contemporary Accounting and Finance Issues
  • Sustainability Accounting Practices
  • Financial Markets
  • Risk Management
  • Technological Innovations in the Financial Services Sector


Members of the economics group focus on exploring the impacts of economic policies on economic growth, business performances and the quality of life. Research of the group falls broadly into the following categories but are not limited to:

  • Circular Economy
  • Applied Macroeconomics
  • Financial Economics
  • Business Investment Decisions under Uncertainty
  • The Social Consequences of IMF Intervention and Economic Adjustment Policies
  • International Trade Flows and Exchange Rates
  • Financial Volatilities and Price Dynamics


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