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Why take an Employability Unit?

Almost half of employers believe that graduates are leaving university without the necessary skills to ‘hit the ground running’.

Employers seek excellent academic qualifications but they also want you to have a wide range of other skills. By completing an employability unit, you will be putting yourself ahead of the competition. Gain some key skills that you will need in your chosen profession and earn extra credits in the process.


  • Only current level 4-7 (non research) University of Bedfordshire students are eligible to take the employability units
  • Registration will be restricted to a maximum of two units per student per level of study
  • There are no course fees for any the employability units
  • Upon successful completion of a unit, you will be awarded with 5 additional academic credits. These cannot contribute to your main degree award but will appear on your academic transcript
  • De-registration is not permitted once a student has enrolled and the unit has begun
  • Units are available to registered University of Bedfordshire students but it's on a first come first basis so once a class is full we would be unable to take up more and you will have to wait for the next semester intake

Before you register interest in an employability unit please check the Terms and Conditions

To register for the 2021/2022 intake, please complete the registration survey - we will ONLY contact students who have successfully secured a place on the course. Students who are unsuccessful will be put on a waiting list.

Any questions about the Employability Units can be directed to the Student Development & Awards Team at