Provide Live Projects for the Curriculum

A member of the Careers team helping a customerDo you have a business task or development opportunity that our students could help you solve?

Why not engage with our talent by including your task as a live project and let students help you come up with solutions!

Engaging our students in a collaborative and innovative real world challenge not only helps you to find fresh ideas, it also helps students by giving them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to a professionally relevant task.

The Careers and Employability Service can help you to engage with specific courses and schools, ensuring that we connect you with underrepresented groups to meet your diversity and inclusion objectives. We can use data on student demographics across various schools and courses to help you reach the right cohorts.

A live project is an opportunity for an organisation to pose a business question or problem to students and receive innovative ideas and concepts from future talent. A live project can be a great way to begin your relationship with the University of Bedfordshire.

A live project can be a short or long term opportunity, and could even form part of a dissertation topic.

Throughout the live project you will be supported with expert advise from our academics and trained Careers Consultants.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Bring innovative ideas, creativity and fresh thinking from our student community to your organisation
  • Raise awareness of your brand or company profile
  • Develop a closer partnership between you, our community and our network of stakeholders
  • Connect you to future graduate talent
  • No cost involved
  • Chance to receive a quality deliverable, as students are supported by Academics throughout the process


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