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Why choose the Centre for English as a Foreign Language

About the course

The Bedfordshire Foundation Year is designed to help you improve your English language level and increase your subject knowledge. The course combines English language, study skills for university, and IT skills, which will help you progress on to your main degree programme.

The course aims to take students up to IELTS 6.0 overall, or above, which is the minimum requirement for undergraduate courses at the University of Bedfordshire.

Why choose Beds Foundation Year?

Accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK

CEFL has a proven track record of International Foundation Course delivery since 1980, with consistently high student satisfaction results.

Our teaching staff has a varied and wide experience of teaching in the U.K and overseas, and we understand our international students and how you feel.

English UK memberYou are starting on a new educational adventure, far from home. We use the foundation year as a year-long induction programme, and we keep revisiting key themes during the year, for example effective use of our online learning platform, accessing the library resources, as well as developing important study skills in the U.K. We also understand the many differences in studying at a British Higher Education Institution, and guide you through our regulations, which may be very different to your home countries.

Our course enables foundation learners to progress to an undergraduate degree, fully prepared and confident to face the challenges of a level 4 programme of study.

You will master a range of key academic and language skills during a fun and engaging programme. Subject units in your second semester, offer you a programme specific to your subject area, as well as meeting your linguistic needs. This will help you choose the most relevant degree as you start your undergraduate studies.

Learn more about the International Foundation Year (all pathways)

with Professional Practice Year

This course has the option to be taken over four years which includes a year placement in industry. Undertaking a year in industry has many benefits. You gain practical experience and build your CV, as well as being a great opportunity to sample a profession and network with potential future employers.

There is no tuition fee for the placement year enabling you to gain an extra year of experience for free.

*Only available to UK/EU students.

with Foundation Year

A Degree with a Foundation Year gives you guaranteed entry to an Undergraduate course.

Whether you’re returning to learning and require additional help and support to up-skill, or if you didn’t quite meet the grades to pursue an Undergraduate course, our Degrees with Foundation Year provide a fantastic entry route for you to work towards a degree level qualification.

With our guidance and support you’ll get up to speed within one year, and will be ready to seamlessly progress on to undergraduate study at Bedfordshire.

The Foundation Year provides an opportunity to build up your academic writing skills and numeracy, and will also cover a range of subject specific content to fully prepare you for entry to an Undergraduate degree.

This is an integrated four-year degree, with the foundation year as a key part of the course. You will need to successfully complete the Foundation Year to progress on to the first year of your bachelor’s degree.

Why study a degree with a Foundation Year?

  • Broad-based yet enough depth to give you credible vocational skills
  • Coverage of a variety of areas typically delivered by an expert in this area
  • Gain an understanding of a subject before choosing which route you wish to specialise in
  • Great introduction to further study, and guaranteed progression on to one of our Undergraduate degrees

The degrees offering a Foundation Year provide excellent preparation for your future studies.

During your Foundation Year you will get the opportunity to talk to tutors about your degree study and future career aspirations, and receive guidance on the most appropriate Undergraduate course to help you achieve this; providing you meet the entry requirements and pass the Foundation Year.


What will you study?

Studying Sport In Higher Education

This is a subject specific unit that builds on the knowledge and understanding that students gained in semester one of their foundation year. The unit is focused on developing students’ skills and applied knowledge relevant to their future degree study of sport. During this unit students will gain knowledge and understanding of sport in a higher education environment through exploring a range of topics and activities reflecting the variety of sport degrees within the University. The students will produce assessment work that demonstrates the development of sport specific knowledge and academic skills that are applicable in a higher education environment. This unit aims to extend students’ confidence to explore new research topics and themes relating to studying sport in higher education.

Academic Skills Transition To Level 4

During the two semesters of the foundation year, you will have been introduced to all of the language, academic skills and subject area skills you will need in order to operate successfully as a student embarking on an undergraduate degree programme. This unit has two key purposes:


Firstly, you will now move on to use the skills you have acquired at the various stages of the academic process, by attending lectures and seminars and using the information and idea you have gained from them to write essays, reports and prepare and delivery persuasive presentations in English. For the first time, you will operate independently as a student who is undertaking level 4 study. 


Secondly, by attending and participating in transition sessions with the teachers and tutors you will be studying with next year, you will become familiar with the approaches to teaching and learning and the expectations that your level 4 teachers will have when you begin your level 4 study. 


Through a series of plenary lectures, seminars and essay and report writing workshops, as well as transition events held by your level 4 academic department, you will be able to demonstrate that you are ready to accept the challenges of level 4 study and feel confident that you will prosper on your chosen course of UG level study

How will you be assessed?

  • In-class assessments
  • Online submissions via our online platform Breo
  • In-class presentations
  • Conducting research project


Having undertaken a year of foundation level study, your English Language and academic skills will enable you to begin degree level study at the University of Bedfordshire feeling confident and eager for the challenges you will face. You will also feel 'at home' within the culture of higher education in the UK.

Entry Requirements

IELTS at a minimum 4.5 in all skills. This must be evidenced by an UKVI-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) such as IELTS.

Check the Foundation entry requirements for your country

Fees for this course

UK 2024/25

The full-time standard undergraduate tuition fee for the Academic Year 2024/25 is £9,250 per year. You can apply for a loan from the Government to help pay for your tuition fees. You can also apply for a maintenance loan from the Government to help cover your living costs. See

Merit Scholarship

We offer a Merit Scholarship to UK students, worth £2,400* over three academic years, which is awarded to those who can demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, through scoring 120 UCAS tariff points or more.

Bedfordshire Bursary

If you aren’t eligible for the Merit Scholarship, this Bursary is there to help UK students with aspects of student living such as course costs. The Bursary will give you £1,000* over three academic years, or £1,300* if you are taking your course over four academic years (including those with a Foundation Year).

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Alternatively if you have any questions around fees and funding please email


The full-time standard undergraduate tuition fee for the academic year 2024/25 is £15,500 per year.

There are range of Scholarships available to help support you through your studies with us.

A full list of scholarships can be found here.

Alternatively if you have any questions around fees and funding, please email

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