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Resources and publications

The following resources include the outputs of the Tilda Goldberg Centre projects, staff working within the Centre, or other relevant articles that may be of interest to you.

Research on Dementia

Involving people living with dementia in systematic review

Dementia and reablement

Substance Misuse and Ageing Research Team (SMART)

Working with older drinkers



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These Research Briefings represent findings from a 3 strand project, funded by Alcohol Research UK, which investigates training and education of alcohol and other substances within current social work practice and social work qualifying programmes.

This Research Briefing reviewed existing research on reablement at the point where this service was becoming a mainstream part of social services to adults. It applies rapid evidence review techniques to social care, which limit the costs and time of searching without losing comprehensiveness, and which add transparency to the evidence synthesis. Economic data was also critically appraised in order to illustrate the costs and the benefits of reablement. The review concluded that reablement was a cost-effective means of improving outcomes for older people.

Resources for Educators

Resources for Research

This is the major national reference point for the methods for systematic reviews in social work and social care, updated to take account of advances in searching and economic analysis.


  • Galvani, S. Supporting People with Alcohol and Drug Problems. Policy Press (2012).
  • Galvani, S. The role of alcohol in violence against women. Lambert Academic Publishing (2010).

Book Chapters

  • Galvani, S. Working with people who use substances.' In: M. Davies (ed.) (2012) Social Work's Knowledge Base, (forthcoming) Routledge. With S. Wadd.
  • Galvani, S. Social Policy and Substance Use.' In: M. Davies (ed.) (2012) Social Work's Knowledge Base (forthcoming) Routledge. With A. Thurnham

Resources for Practitioners

Five pocket guides have been developed in association with BASW which aim to assist and support social workers in practice regarding alcohol and drug issues.

Focus on Domestic Violence

'Grasping the nettle' - written by Dr Sarah Galvani, looks at the complex relationship between alcohol and domestic violence describing the lack of national figures available on the prevalence of alcohol related domestic violence in the UK and how the effects may put children at risk. Part two of the article reflects very much on the implementation of practice, barriers that many face who work in the area- such as the attribution of blame and detailing dedicated projects that work tirelessly providing guidance, information and support.

Adfam Leaflet - Domestic Abuse and Substance Use - PDF 608.5 KB

This leaflet, developed for Adfam, details information about the relationship between domestic abuse and the use of substances. Looking at the intricate impacts that this has on family members and friends, the leaflet outlines what you can do to help keep people safe and give support those in need.

Supporting Families Affected By Substance Use and Domestic Violence - PDF 1.6 MB

This report by Dr Sarah Galvani and funded by Comic Relief, focuses on a two stage collaborative project between Adfam, the Stella Project and the University of Bedfordshire. The objective of the study was to explore the views of family members of substance users on the relationship between alcohol, drugs and domestic abuse. The report makes recommendations for improvements to practice and policy and highlights the need to establish what support/services are needed in this area.

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Resources and publications