Admissions principles and policy

The University of Bedfordshire’s vision is to create a vibrant, ambitious academic community, celebrating diversity and the transformative power of education.

The University of Bedfordshire is committed to maintaining academic standards and ensuring that:

  • All applicants are treated fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner
  • All applicants with the demonstrable ability to benefit from one of our courses are enabled to do so, where a suitable vacancy exists and where entry criteria are met
  • All routes into higher education which are of a comparable standard are accorded parity of esteem
  • The social background of the student body reflects the institutional commitment to widening participation, fair access and internationalisation.

The University is committed to providing an admissions process that ensures fairness, transparency and equal opportunity and welcomes applications from candidates regardless of their background or individual circumstances.

Admissions principles

  • The University of Bedfordshire is committed to maintaining the highest academic standards
  • The University aims to ensure that its admissions and recruitment processes are fair, open and transparent
  • The University strives to promote its courses as widely as possible among all groups of individuals that may benefit from its provision
  • The University aims to admit students who have the ability to successfully complete and to benefit from the course of study
  • The University ensures that the operation of admissions processes and application of entry criteria are undertaken in compliance with the Equality Act
  • The University values diversity and is committed to equality in education. Students are selected on the basis of their individual merits, abilities and aptitudes. The University seeks to overcome barriers to participation and to support each individual to develop to their full potential

The University of Bedfordshire Admissions Policy [PDF]

Admissions feedback and appeals

The University is committed to the provision of high-quality, fair and transparent admissions procedures for all our applicants.

There may, however, be occasions when an applicant wishes to ask why their application has been rejected, or believe they have cause for a complaint or wish to make an appeal against the decision.

Feedback is defined as the communication from the University to an applicant, at the request of the applicant, who has been unsuccessful in gaining an offer of a place.

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction either about the way in which an application has been handled or the outcome of the selection or fees classification process – it may concern actions or inaction by the University or its staff.

An appeal is defined as a request for a formal review of the outcome of an admissions decision.

The process for applicants to request feedback or make an appeal against a decision is outlined in full within the The University of Bedfordshire Admissions Policy [PDF]

Under-18 policy

If you are applying for a course and are under 18, please read the following document carefully:

Policy for students under the age of 18 years [PDF]


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