Offer terms and conditions

University of Bedfordshire: Offer terms and conditions of admittance

The offer of a place as an undergraduate student at the University of Bedfordshire is made on the understanding that, in accepting it, you undertake that - if you subsequently enrol - you will agree to observe the Regulations of the University as outlined here.

For full-time undergraduate courses, our offer will be communicated to you via UCAS. If you wish to accept our offer, you should do this via UCAS. For further information, visit UCAS will confirm the date by which you should accept your choices.

  • If you accept our offer (firm or insurance), any conditions attached to your offer must be met by 31 August in the academic year of your application. Places may not be held after this date.
  • If you accept our offer as your firm choice and meet the full conditions by 31 August in the academic year of your application, your place is guaranteed.
  • If you accept our offer as your insurance choice but are accepted by your firm choice following the receipt of exam results, you will be committed to your firm choice university and may not choose to come to the University of Bedfordshire instead.
  • If you accept our offer as your insurance choice, meet the full conditions of our offer and are rejected by your firm choice university, your place at the University of Bedfordshire is guaranteed.

By accepting our offer (firm or insurance), you are indicating that you understand the conditions of the offer made to you and undertake responsibility for meeting these conditions. If there is any part of the offer that you do not understand or do not know how to fulfill, you are advised to contact the Admissions Office as soon as possible at

The University and bodies such as the Department for Education, Nursing and Midwifery Council, and Health and Care Professions Council require applicants for certain programmes to provide information regarding their physical health. Applicants may also be required to undergo an occupational health check and to provide evidence of immunisation against certain diseases. Applicants will be notified in their offer if this is a requirement of the course for which they have been offered a place. See Fitness to Practise Policy and Procedure for more information

In accordance with the University regulations, the University reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place or terminate enrolment if it discovers subsequently that a candidate has given false information in their application or has omitted to declare information requested or has attempted to tamper with the original offer letter or email.

If the courses described in the University prospectus are not provided, the University will take such steps as are available to it to minimise the effect of any alteration or withdrawal of a course. Such steps may include alterations to the delivery of teaching or assessment, the offer of a place on an alternative course, or the offer of transfer to another course at the University or elsewhere, which you may decline.

You will be entitled to decline to accept the changes to the programme and withdraw but not to receive a refund for those parts of the programme that you have completed, whether or not you have passed any assessment.

The following are the further terms and conditions of the offer which form the contract between you and the University. Click on the links below to access webpages and download documents.

1. You agree to observe the following University of Bedfordshire regulations.

(a) Academic Regulations

(b) Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy [PDF]

(c) Tuition Fees Policy

(d) Academic Integrity Policy [PDF]; see also the Student Guide to Academic Integrity Policy [DOCX]

(e) Admissions Policy [PDF]

(f) Data Protection Policy [PDF]

(g) Student Complaints Policy and Procedure 

(h) Fitness to Practise Policy and Procedure (if applicable to your offer) [PDF]

(i) Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure [PDF]

(j) Graduation Ceremonies Terms and Conditions [PDF]

2. You agree to pay tuition fees and additional charges relating to your course by the date of registration or your start date. The tuition fee for the first year is as stated in your offer letter. The fee quoted is revised each academic year in accordance with the University’s Tuition Fees Policy. Unless otherwise stated, the fee quoted in your offer letter does not include any charges for residential accommodation; examination re-sits or retakes; extension to the designated period of study; travelling expenses and other miscellaneous expenses which may be related to your course of study. Your offer letter indicates whether you have been considered as a home or overseas student for fees purposes. If you feel this classification to be incorrect, it is your responsibility to contact the relevant Admissions Office at

3. You are expected to regularly attend classes, lectures, seminars, examinations and all formal learning opportunities that form part of the course or programme of study. The University expects students to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the University, its activities or those who work or study at the University, and that does not have the potential to damage the reputation of the University or its student body. Breaching the Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy could lead to expulsion from the University and the termination of the contract. Students must also be aware of the University’s Academic Regulations.

4.You agree to register on your course by attending at a notified date and time. If asked to, you must bring your original academic certificates; acceptable, up-to-date identification documentation that includes your photograph (normally a passport); and, where relevant, sponsorship letters (for example, letters from embassies or employers). Students must be able to demonstrate that they have the appropriate level of English for their course. 'Appropriate' means the level set out in 3.2.4 of the Academic Regulations. The University will check these documents before you can be admitted to your course. The University reserves the right to terminate the contract if you do not have or cannot produce the required evidence set out in this paragraph. In such circumstances, the University may also make a charge of £100 to cover administration.

5. You agree that, if the University refunds you any monies, then such refunds are returned to the account from which the fees were remitted including where fees have been overpaid.

6. The University has a Complaints Policy; you may also have the right to complain to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.

7. You may cancel the contract without penalty within 14 days. For this purpose, please fill in a cancellation form [DOCX] or use the alternative method set out in the notes to the cancellation form). If you wish to withdraw after 14 days, you should contact the University Admissions team on 01582 743500 or email

8. It may be necessary for the University to make changes to, for example, programme content or course delivery and fees, due to legitimate staffing, financial, regulatory and academic reasons including (but not limited to) industrial action; lack of demand; departure of key personnel; change in government policy; withdrawal or reduction in funding; the requirements of the Quality Code of the Quality Assurance Agency; or a change of law. The University will endeavour at all times to keep such changes to a minimum and to keep students informed appropriately.


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