Our creativity is inspired by shared atmosphere and ambiance, it’s not simply an abstract thinking process. At the University of Bedfordshire we know that great creative spaces inspire great ideas. So, our new School of Art + Design embodies both the buzz of a commercial studio and the intimacy of an artist’s garret.

Wherever you are in the school, in the expansive fashion studios or the stop motion room, we hope you will feel creative, and just as importantly, that the space supports your wildest ambitions. We create together at Bedfordshire, inspired by the industrial heritage of our home, and through the innovation of our internationally recognised team.

Our main studio space spans across three floors and is shared by all years with each course having their own designated areas. This type of learning environment is reflective of studios found across the art and design industry, maintaining a strong studio culture and helping to develop your communication skills and work collaboratively.

"The studio space is great, and I feel it sets it apart from other schools. It’s a very comfortable environment to work in. I am able to work on my own or collaborate with others - it definitely encourages you to work at your own pace."

Hannah Tudor, BA (Hons) Advertising + Branding Design