Dr Slava Klibanecz

Lecturer in Forensic Science

I joined the School of Life Sciences as a Lecturer in Forensic Science in 2017, having previously lectured at Anglia Ruskin University. Prior to this, I spent 18 years as a Senior Forensic Scientist and Forensic Investigator with the Forensic Science Service, beginning my employment when it was the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

As an expert in the examination of Controlled Drugs and related materials, I initially concentrated on Police cases before moving on to specialise in complex importation (Customs) seizures. I was responsible for the analysis of many thousands of cases, ranging from trace examinations to those involving several tons of illicit drugs. I regularly attended scenes of crime and presented Expert Witness evidence in a variety of domestic courts, as well as abroad.

As a Forensic Investigator, I put my extensive knowledge of general Forensic Science to effective use when attending multi-agency meetings and providing Customs Investigative teams with strategic advice and case coordination in seizures involving multiple evidence types, suspects and scenes. A further aspect of my role as Forensic Investigator was to deliver forensic awareness courses to law enforcement agencies, as well as in-house training and mentoring, in both laboratory and courtroom skills, to trainee Reporting Officer forensic scientists.


My enthusiasm for Forensic Science has not diminished since leaving operational casework for academia. My passion lies in using my knowledge and expertise to instil both Postgraduate and Undergraduate level students with a sound scientific basis combined with an understanding of the reality of working in this profession and the correct ‘forensic philosophy’.

I am interested in developing students’ ability to communicate scientific material on a variety of levels and the appreciation that, whilst a competent forensic scientist should have knowledge of a wide range of disciplines, they will generally only be recognised by the Criminal Justice System as an Expert in one.


  • PhD in Chemistry, University College London
  • BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, University College London

Research Interests

Spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis of illicit drug materials.

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