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I can’t recommend doing a Foundation Year enough: doing a Foundation Year doesn’t just mean doing it because you didn’t receive the grades you hoped for; it is also a good way to expand your subject knowledge and hone your research skills The Foundation Year will allow you to start Year 1 of your degree with a massive head start and greater confidence. For example, I was concerned about academic referencing – definitely not my strongest area - but the amount of support you get on the Foundation Year is outstanding, and referencing is now second nature to me. Of course everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses but that is what a Foundation Year is all about: it’s about finding new strengths and building weaknesses up to become strengths. This is made possible by the amazing support you get from the lecturers. I have honestly met the most supportive tutors I have ever come across in my education: these tutors are really there to help you succeed and to be your best possible self; they’re even there for someone just to chat to on a personal support level.

Claudia Anderson, Early Childhood Education with Foundation Year
By asking me to consider education from a range of perspectives (philosophical, sociological, historical, professional), my degree has changed my view of education radically. I have found myself especially interested in matters to do with inclusion and special educational needs, and in my final year I have enjoyed thinking philosophically about these issues. My tutors have inspired and supported me throughout my degree, which has inspired me to seek further training and work in a special needs school.

Tammy, Education Studies, Third Year
The Education Studies degree explores a diverse range of topics not specifically focusing on teaching. As a student in the education program, various pyschological and sociological subject matters are interesting and highlights the importance on the role of education in the modern world. This helps students gain different expertise in various fields of work, diversifiying our career opportunities. The lecturers are extremely helpful , supplying constant support if needed. In light of current circumstances, studies were moved online. During the pandemic, the lectures offered a whole variety of resources to aid our learning and used modern communication technology to support our learning. The lecturers were easily accessible and gave amazing feedback and support.

Tanvir, Education Studies, Second Year
A huge thank you all for all the support received during this semester! Thanks for all that you do to keep us and you safe! Have a lovely summer!!!

Andreea, Education Studies, Second Year


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