QTS Secondary Phase Ofsted Report (2016)

“The high standard of trainees’ and NQTs’ personal and professional conduct, which leads to a positive reputation within schools in the region and high employment rates for NQTs”. “The leadership and management of the secondary partnership is outstanding. The pursuit of excellence is central to the partnership’s activities. Leaders and managers are able to base their actions on a deep and accurate understanding of local and regional needs because of the highly effective partnership that exists with local schools. There has been a sustained, uncompromising and successful drive to improve outcomes so that the large majority of secondary trainees attain outcomes at the highest levels”.

QTS Primary Phase Ofsted Report (2017)

“Trainees become highly professional teachers who establish positive and productive relationships, and effectively promote the learning of all pupils”. “Leaders share a very evident passion to ensure that they are constantly improving the provision to produce the best possible teachers. There is an overarching, coherent plan for teacher education across all phases, a positive vision for excellence and an effective pursuit of improvement at all levels. The provider gathers and analyses extensive information and data, identifies accurate areas for improvement and takes appropriate action. The rising trend in trainees’ outcomes shows that there is clear capacity for further improvement. There are strong partnerships with schools and local authority colleagues, who express trust in the provider to work with them to produce good teachers”.

EYTS Early Years Phase Ofsted Report (2016)

"The provision of the teacher training leading to the ward of Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) at the University of Bedfordshire is rooted in a clear and ambitious vision to develop the skills of the early years workforce. There is a well-informed understanding of the needs of the sector and a passionate commitment to raising the status of those who work with the youngest children. The programme team are experts in early years education, skilled at developing and improving the skills and knowledge of adult learners. The partnership is linking well with schools, early years settings, and childminders to provide training which meets the needs for early years staff to be better qualified."

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