Modular credit scheme

The Undergraduate Modular Scheme

Undergraduate programmes are taught within the Undergraduate Modular Scheme
(UMS). This is built on a nationally recognised framework with:

  • each module normally being worth 30 academic credits
  • 120 credits at each level (three levels make up the UMS)
  • 240 credits for a Foundation Degree or a Diploma of Higher Education
  • 300 credits for an Ordinary Degree
  • 360 credits for an Honours Degree

If you are a full-time student you must undertake 120 academic credits of study
(ie 4 30-credit modules) each year. Part-time students normally study 60 credits
each year.

Programme structure

Generally you will follow a set diet of modules at level 1 but there may be more choice at levels 2 and 3. For some programmes, particularly where there are professional body requirements, you may have a set diet at each level. 

Scheme modules

As well as modules from your subject area, you may have the opportunity to take
one scheme module at levels 1 and 2. The scheme modules available vary from year
to year but include modules which provide support (such as with academic writing
and IT) and those which enable you to obtain credit for other activities (such as
work-based learning) or which may be of wider interest and relevance.


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