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Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Communications SkillsCommunications Skills - Accredited by the British Council for the Teaching of English


  • Timetable: Monday to Friday - 9am-6pm - each student takes 3-5 hours of timetabled CS classes
  • Teaching hours per week: 3-5
  • Maximum class size: 25 students

At the University of Bedfordshire, we want you to get the most out of your time with us. That's why the University has created a core programme of timetabled communication skills classes, which all EU and international students are required to attend.

We know how important it is, both during your time at University and in your career afterwards, to continually develop and enhance your intercultural communication skills.

Many employers and visa sponsors will look for evidence (in addition to your academic achievements) of excellent English language proficiency and career skills.

Communication Skills classes help me to improve my reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. They teach me how to write academic essays and how to communicate in daily life. Playing language games or doing competitions with my classmates makes language study interesting as we learn more actively. The teaching is good and thanks to all the teachers.

Ma Pengcheng
CS4 & BA (Hons) Business Administration student from ICB

Communication Skills Programme structure

Communication Skills is designed to help you boost your course grades and become an effective communicator. This core unit consists of three parts:

Academic skills

  • Preparing your assignment from task to task submission
  • Paraphrasing, summarising, synthesizing and referencing
  • Listening and note-taking skills
  • Dissertation writing

British university culture

  • Awareness of British university interaction and practice
  • Seminar skills
  • Approaches to independent study
  • Avoidance of plagiarism

Communicating effectively within your subject area

  • Presentation technique
  • Appropriate formats and language for correspondence
  • Subject-specific vocabulary
  • English language improvement

Find out why communication skills are important in today's world and learn all about the unique programme University of Bedfordshire designed to help students become first-class presenters, improve their referencing and boost their confidence when it comes to communicating in English:

What students say

Find out how Communication Skills Classes helps our Students with their studies:

Communication Skills Plenary Lectures

As part of the communication skills programme, all international students can benefit from attending plenary lectures every Wednesday evening. You will be asked to take notes during the lectures by inspirational speakers, and then write an essay on the lecture theme. Valuable feedback will be provided from which you will be able to recognise your improvements during the course of the year.

Every Wednesday: 5pm, or 6pm repeat

No Lecturer Lecture Title Date Location
1 John Lapwood Conflict Management Resolution 30/01/2019 G101
2 Gemma Hunt

Promoting Yourself for Success

06/02/2019 G101
3 Rafael Cloete

Defending Truth in a Post-fact World

13/02/2019 G101
4 Paul Owen

Thinking Critically in a Post-fact World

20/02/2019 G101
5 Qaiser Raja

Developing your Leadership skills

27/02/2019 G101
6 Nick Botfield

Feedback: Think Forward

06/03/2019 G101
7 UoB Public Speakers

Student Plenary Presentations

13/03/2019 G101
8 Paul Owen

How to Develop your Soft Skills

21/03/2019 G101
9 Mark Jones Your Motivation 28/03/2019 G101
10Katy Robertson-HohmannListening Matters03/04/2019G101
11Paul OwenIndependent Learning30/04/2019G101
12Helen LeungResearch Strategies05/05/2019G101
13Rafael CloeteThe Global Obsession with English12/05/2019G101

Communication Skills Plenary Lecture Benefits

  • Listening skills
  • Note-taking practice
  • Observing and interacting
  • Writing and reporting skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Interesting and varied topics
  • Targeted feedback from essays
  • Submission of task answers via Turnitin - see your CSa Unit on BREO

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For further information please contact the Language Centre:

T: +44 (0)1582 489032

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