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Teenage pregnancy data

Annual 2015 conception data released on 22 March 2017 by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 20.8 per 1,000 young women under-18 became pregnant, a reduction of 8.8% from 2014, with numbers dropping from 21,282 to 19,080. The rate of under-16s conceptions has fallen by 15.9% with numbers down from 3,912 to 3,261. The decline since 1998 is now 55.4%, with a similar reduction in conceptions to under-16s.

For more detail of your local area's annual data from 1998-2015 view the ONS data set

All top tier local authorities have seen declines since 1998, but there remains a big difference in progress. Reductions range from 22% to over 70% and there is an almost 6-fold variation in the rate between local authorities.

Have a look at your local area’s progress. The final column of the spreadsheet shows progress from 1998-2015 in the rate of under-18 conceptions, maternities and abortions. Local Authority under-18 conception rate change 1998-2015 - XLS 291.0 KB

A briefing on how conception data is produced

2016 Q2 under-18 conception data were published by ONS on 22 August 2017

For England as a whole, comparing Quarter 2 2016 with Quarter 2 2015, there has been a  10.6% reduction, from a rate of  21.6 per 1,000 population (4,956 conceptions) in 2015 to 19.3 (4,350 conceptions) in 2016.

Every region has seen a reduction in rates since Q2 2015.

2016 Quarters 3 data will be published in November 2017.

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