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Hassan Khalid presenting to Cobham Wireless group

Hassan Khalid presenting to Cobham Wireless group, a Billion Dollar firm operating in the UK and US defence industry. The University of Bedfordshire team won first prize as a consultant. A practical application of the theory taught on the MBA.

Winning team receiving prizes

The winning team receiving prizes and recognition from Cobham Wireless and the University of Bedfordshire. The team presented workable solutions for the presented acquisition and merger dilemma faced by the organisation.

Teams preparing for Practice Week

Teams preparing for Practice Week. Practice weeks give opportunities to implement theory studied in lectures on real world practical problems. Learning without knowledge of implementation is knowledge wasted!

FLUX team presenting at the competition

The FLUX team presenting at the inter-university competition where the University of Bedfordshire came 2nd.

Group at the 'Junk the Jargon' presentation

Happy group after the 'Junk the Jargon' presentations. The presentations were held to promote creativity in the students' thinking. Students highlighted elements of history that could have been avoided, such as the world wars.

Listening to Mayor of Luton speech at the Town Hall

Students are listening to a speech by the Mayor of Luton in Luton Town Hall. An important element of intellectual growth and development is to be alert to activities in society and cultivate an interest in political matters.

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