We value real-world experience to prepare you for life beyond university, which is why we’ve forged connections with thousands of companies locally, nationally and internationally.

Placement students

Our vital industry links enable you to create your own network of industry contacts. And, through our placements, you can gain that all-important practical experience whilst you complete your course.

Through our Placements for All initiative, we offer a number of internships, placements and work experience opportunities which you can take advantage of. Take a look below:

Professional practice years - a fee-free year in industry

Most of our courses offer you the opportunity to undertake a year in industry. And best of all, it’s free; so gaining an extra year of experience won’t cost you extra. Put your university knowledge and skills to the test, and apply your learning to the workplace after your second year of studies, with the support of our Careers and Employability Service.

Undertaking a year in industry has many benefits. Not only can you gain practical experience and build your CV, but it provides a great opportunity to sample a profession and network with potential future employers, so it’s a great step on to the career ladder.

Hear about Zach's year in industry

*Only available to UK/EU students.
**Excludes Nursing, Social Work and some Education courses.

12-week placements

We offer a number of courses at our Milton Keynes campus which include a built-in, compulsory placement as part of your second year of studies. These bite-size placements provide a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience and gain a valuable addition to your CV.

Your department will help you to secure your placement in or around Milton Keynes, and will support your placement experience to ensure you’re really getting the most out of being in industry.

Student Internship Scheme

Our Student Internship Scheme (SIS) is open to all students and provides up to 100 hours of work experience which fits in and around your studies. Many of the internships are offered on a voluntary basis, but some can be paid, or cover expenses. Find out more about our Student Internship Scheme

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