Mental health academy

The Mental Health Academy has been set up in partnership between the University of Bedfordshire and The East London NHS Foundation Trust, who currently provide mental health services in Bedfordshire.

The main aims of the academy are to increase awareness of mental health and to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health difficulties. Within the academy is the Recovery College where we offer accessible courses and groups related to a whole range of topics, including mental health, creative writing, employment support and physical health. The academy also supports the education and development of student mental health nurses and encourages you to get involved alongside your studies.

The Academy runs free courses and workshops across Bedfordshire, promoting mental wellbeing and offering relevant, real-life help and support to those in need.

The courses and workshops are run by Trust staff, university staff and university students.

If you are studying a course with a mental health unit, or with a specific interest in this area, you have the opportunity to get involved in this project, helping to run workshops and deliver presentations, providing you with practical, industry experience, increasing your employability.

You can also attend the workshops to increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues.

Mental Health Academy Launch

Fern Glenister, BSc (Hons) Nursing with Mental Health, speaks very highly of her experience working within the Mental Health Academy stating:

"I've been involved in the Recovery Academy and College as part of the steering group from the word go. I have been involved in making decisions based on the formation and development of the academy within a very passionate team! I have been lucky enough to co-produce groups, such as mental health awareness within the recovery college, and I'm currently setting up a group with a fellow colleague, targeting young adults with mental health difficulties.

Being part of the Recovery Academy and College has been an amazing opportunity and I'm both excited and extremely grateful to be part of such an exciting and beneficial project. My role has supported my development both personally and professionally, and has improved my confidence. I have also started to build networks and positive working relationships with professionals within the multi-disciplinary team, of whom I hope to work alongside when I qualify as a mental health nurse."