Sports Therapy Clinic

At the University of Bedfordshire, we have our very own student-led Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, fully supervised by our clinical staff and staffed by our BASRaT student members and our Clinical Exercise Therapists.

The clinic is situated in our brand new Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation clinics, spread across two large clinical spaces, a functional screening and rehabilitation area, a resistance training room, strength and conditioning room, and further BASES accredited physiological lab spaces. The clinic offers free structured sports massage treatments, injury and condition assessment and any specific exercise therapy and rehabilitation that may be required. We can also provide postural and functional movement screening to address our client's issues.

The clinic is open to staff and students. We also have links with our student BUCS and School of Sports Science and Physical Activity athlete scholars, where we can provide treatments pre- and post-training and fixtures/events.

If you're an undergraduate student studying Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation or Clinical Exercise Therapy you have the opportunity to work within the clinic, to collate the relevant work-based learning hours relating to your course, hours which are also achieved through your external placements, as a degree requirement throughout your degree. This gives you the opportunity to practice your skills and gain vital work experience whilst working with both an athletic and non-athletic population.

As well as your required hours within the Sports Therapy Clinic, you will also have the opportunity to undertake additional hours at the end of the term, through specific events. screening days and pre-season screening for local sports teams for example, allowing you to further build and enhance your CV.