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Research and Knowledge Exchange sits at the heart of the University of Bedfordshire’s commitment to making a significant social and economic contribution to the local and national economy. We understand the key challenges faced by businesses and entrepreneurs; and use our academic resources and expertise to help you thrive through a range of programmes that include professional consultancy, work placements and targeted training sessions.

We believe that higher level skills help people, businesses and public sector organisations to achieve the very highest levels of success. The University has the largest offer of apprenticeships in the SEMLEP area, and we offer a variety of CPD courses that help add value to your organisation.

We strive to translate our research into impactful results that help to solve both global and local challenges, and influence policy and strategy. With ten specialist Research Institutes at the University, our knowledge helps develop novel approaches that solve real-world problems.

Our Social and Economic Impact

In January 2020, Hatch Regeneris, an independent economics consultancy, carried out a robust research analysis of the University of Bedfordshire's social and economic impact on the local and national economy.

Read the University's Impact Report (PDF) to find out about our key Research and Knowledge Exchange activities.

Research & Innovation Strategy 2022-26

Our Research & Innovation Strategy for 2022-2026 outlines our aspirations to cultivate an interdisciplinary research culture and partnership environment that generates new knowledge, creates insights and resources that have a positive impact on society, inspires our students to push the boundaries of what’s possible and transforms lives.

A Civic Agreement for Luton

Together with Luton Borough Council we are delighted to present our Civic Agreement for Luton. The Agreement sets out our shared ambition for Luton and our commitment to delivering Luton 2040: A Place to Thrive.

Both our institutions are integrally linked to the area of Luton and the people who live and work here. Our colleagues, students and residents are part of its vibrant community and support our vision that Luton will be a healthy, fair and sustainable town, where everyone can thrive and no one lives in poverty.

Our Civic Agreement demonstrates the formal commitment of both the University and Council to the Luton 2040 Vision and sets out how we will work together to support the future of our town and deliver our shared ambition.