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University academics talking to members of the public at an external event

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We want to understand and capture the impact of the public, civic and community engagements University of Bedfordshire staff are involved in.

This isn't just about our published research: it’s about all forms of our public engagement, be it volunteering at a food shelter; sitting on a national policy board; or working with a local community group. It matters to you so it matters to us.

The form below is a simple way for you to tell us what you do. We can use the information to report our engagements annually as part of our Knowledge Exchange Framework submission to HESA/OFS. We will also be able to feed back about it to all staff and external partners via our marketing communications.

In a review of the last REF submission, the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement listed the terms people use when describing public engagement with research. These included outreach; patient involvement; collaborative research; citizen science; participatory arts; lifelong learning; community engagement; and engagement with partners. Also, universities engage through community-based learning; widening participation; corporate social responsibility; and so on.

Whilst the purposes of these approaches and processes may differ, what they all have in common is describing an aspiration to better connect the work of universities and their research institutes with society in a mutually beneficial way.

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This section is about what actually happened. For example, if you gave a talk or offered advice, what was the outcome of it? What did you achieve? What difference did you make to someone, or to an organisation?

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