Luton Productivity Programme

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This programme is now closed.

The University of Bedfordshire partnered with Luton Council to support local businesses.

Our free, accredited Lean training (normally costing £2,700) focused on how to apply Lean principles in the real world. It applied to every kind of business, changing how you look at yourself and your organisation - businesses were immediately able to apply the principles and knowledge to their work environment.

Businesses could send up to FOUR members of staff on the globally recognised Lean Thinking 2-day course and ONE member of senior staff on the 4-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course - FOR FREE. NO CATCH.

Who was it for?

This programme was aimed at Luton based organisations of any size and from any sector.

Benefits to the business

During the course, individuals learned to recognise waste (wasted time, wasted effort, wasted money, wasted resources) and understand the roadmap to optimise processes in a targeted manner.

Other benefits included routes to new funding & inward investment; staff development; new product & process ideas; and business growth.

All Staff Productivity


Your company could send delegates at any level onto our certified 2-day productivity course - Lean Thinking.



Management Training


Senior Leaders, Directors, Operations or Production Managers could then attend certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for that in-depth knowledge.



Bespoke Workshops


Led by regional experts, businesses could join a small group of SMEs with similar challenges to discover existing solutions to a number of productivity themes, such as:

                • Staffing, Quality and Legislation
                • Tools and Technology Adoption
                • Leadership and Change Management
                • Value from Data


Bespoke Consultancy


Your company could then have 20 hours of 1-2-1 consultancy with an academic expert from the University of Bedfordshire to, putting together an action plan to resolve your challenges.



In-depth Consultancy


Should businesses then require a more in-depth support, companies could benefit from 5 days of 1-2-1 consultancy from our academic, developing ideas which could lead to new jobs, products, or grant funding



Funding Support


Your company could benefit from grant funding to help with things like bringing in new tools such as CRM, ISO9001, ISO14001; or additional expert consultancy.


Client Case Studies