Centre for Tourism, International Business and Marketing (TIBAM)

The TIBAM is a research center affiliated with BMRI, situated within the business school at the University of Bedfordshire. The TIBAM comprises three distinct research clusters: Tourism, International Business, and Marketing. It is an interdisciplinary research centre with a team from various disciplines, including Business, Marketing, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Environmental science. We explore a wide range of subjects associated with the disciplines. Our research enables governments, businesses, and non-profit organizations to make informed decisions about Tourism, International Business and Marketing. We are a dynamic research centre looking for new ways to increase knowledge and cognition of our focused clusters by working with partners.

  • TIBAM Research Center Director: Dr Sanaz Vatankhah
  • Business and Management Research Institute(BMRI) Director: Professor Yanqing Duan

About BMRI

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