Philharmonia Orchestra Consultation

Participants at a symposium

In August 2023, the Philharmonia commissioned the Culture and Community Engagement team to conduct consultations in Luton to determine the viability of establishing an orchestral residency in the town.

Over a one month period, the team spoke to 25 stakeholders from a variety of sectors, including theatre, education, music and community work. These consultees were asked a number of questions, including:

  • How would a resident orchestra be viewed by various stakeholders in Luton?
  • What would be the barriers to establishing an orchestral residency in Luton?
  • What work/activities (at least at a pilot stage) would be welcomed in Luton?

In September 2023, the team submitted the full report of their findings and recommendations to the Philharmonia for their consideration. The University continues to work collaboratively with the orchestra via their long-standing residency in Bedford.