Why Part-time?

What are the benefits of studying part-time?

Studying for a higher education qualification part-time is a popular choice for many people.

Working while you study

Why Part-timeStudying part-time means you can continue to work and maintain your income whilst you learn. Part-time courses are structured to allow you to balance your studies with your work commitments, and many courses encourage you to make use of your workplace experiences and expertise as an integral part of your studies. Many employers are willing to sponsor employees to develop their potential through further study, whether through financial support or by providing time-off to study.

Balancing personal life and study

One of the greatest advantages of part-time study is being able to combine learning with family or personal commitments. Although sometimes challenging, part-time study allows you to balance different parts of your life, and to study at a rate that suits your personal circumstances.

All of our courses are supported through our Virtual Learning Environment, BREO, which allows you to access materials, library resources and study support remotely and in your own time.

Financial benefits

Part-time study allows you to maintain your income while you learn. This will help you to balance your personal commitments and to finance your studies. At the University of Bedfordshire, part-time undergraduate fees are lower than those of full-time students. Also, both undergraduate and postgraduate part-time students only pay for the units which they actually take in any one year, which reduces costs still further.Why Part-time

Undergraduate students may be able to apply for a part-time loan, which means that tuition fees are free at the point of study. The loans will only need to be repaid once you are earning over £21,000.

Career enhancement

Part-time study can help enhance your existing career, develop new skills if you are looking for promotion or increase job prospects if you are looking for a career change. The University offers a growing range of distinct professional body awards, and the majority of our courses are accredited or endorsed by professional bodies to make sure you develop the knowledge and skills employers are looking for.


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