Change Makers

The #SASS Change Maker initiative offers a series of extra-curricular seminars held regularly throughout the academic year to help develop students' learning and awareness of topical and current social issues. We aim to support the work that current and former students are involved in on campus and within their communities.

Change Makers continues to engage students and staff in topical discussions such as Black Lives Matter and the Criminal Justice system, Women's Health and Vagina Dialogues, Contextual Safeguarding, and more recently the Pathways film premier which explores the black British experience from a UOB student perspective. This reflects the strong commitment, shared by staff and students alike, to create and sustain a fairer society and to get students to realise their responsibility in promoting change and social justice. #SASS Change Makers is a student-led and staff initiative that offers a unique opportunity for our students and staff to engage with charities, practitioners, alumni and professionals offering relevant content to the varied modes of study and a means to enhance student employability prospects here at the University of Bedfordshire.

The introduction of #SASS Change Makers to students is an attempt to raise student aspirations, recognise, and celebrate the difference and impact that students make in their communities locally, and internationally through a narrative of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy that enables students to cultivate meaningful connections with their learning and their community. Changemakers creates an inclusive academic community which promotes belonging and learning for both students and staff.

Past events

Pathways - poster


Do young black lives matter in the criminal justice system? event poster

Contextual safeguarding poster

Vagina dialogues poster



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