Dr Sam Sibanda

Academic Portfolio Lead - Study Centres 

Sam Sibanda

I joined the University of Bedfordshire in February 2018 after a period as a Research Fellow in the Department of Health Studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

After completing my PhD in Biosciences and Health in 2013 I have predominantly been involved in research and joining the University of Bedfordshire afforded me an opportunity to lecture and balance my scholarly activity.

My research interests lie in the care and management of chronic illnesses with emphasis on co-morbidities in low resource settings. The projects I have supervised at Masters and PhD level have focused on these aspects with a view to informing policy and practice.

Health care provision in the developing world is burdened by both communicable and non-communicable diseases and requires evidence based cost-effective practices to improve outcomes.

My teaching is heavily influenced by my research experience and interests. I teach in an interactive and inclusive style that seeks to engage all students regardless of academic ability.The aspect of my job I gain the most satisfaction from is when students achieve objectives and demonstrate learning and understanding.

I am excited to be part of a university that is at the heart of widening participation. In my role as an Academic Portfolio Lead I help culture an environment of excellent student support and experience for our learners. This ensures their potential is turned to success.

Other References


  • PhD Biosciences – Leeds Beckett University
  • PG Dip Public Health - University of Wolverhampton
  • BSc (Hons) Biosciences & Health – Leeds Beckett University

Teaching Expertise

  • Research Methods
  • Global Public Health
  • Skills for the Social Sciences
  • PhD and Masters Supervision

Research Interests

  • Non-communicable diseases management
  • Healthcare delivery in low resource settings
  • Adolescent Health
  • Widening participation and attainment in Higher Education


  • Metabolic syndrome in adolescents living with HIV/AIDS
  • Factors influencing education achievement in widening participation students

External Roles

  • External PhD and MPH Supervisor at UNISA:- 2017-2019
  • Internal MPH Examiner at UNISA:- 2016


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