Professor Ann Weatherall

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Prof Ann Weatherall
I was born in Cambridge, UK but spent my formative years in Aotearoa New Zealand. After studying experimental social psychology at Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand I was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to study for a PhD at Lancaster University. During this time, I became involved as a graduate representative on the then-new Psychology of Women section of the British Psychological Society. I was also active in the academic community advancing a discursive turn in the discipline. After gaining my doctorate, I took up a lectureship position in the School of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington where I became full professor in 2015. In 2021 I returned to the UK permanently, initially joining the School of Psychology at Roehampton University, moving to Bedfordshire University a year later as professor and Head of School of Psychology.

My work develops knowledge from discursive and feminist perspectives by developing critical and qualitative methodologies to study topics and issues at the heart of contemporary social science scholarship including age, gender, embodiment, emotion, identity, sexism, and violence against girls and women. I have studied a wide range of settings including calls for social support, dispute resolution, clinical/health care encounters and sustainability initiatives. My most recent projects examine personal safety training (see, calls to the police about family harm and cat fostering.

I have collaborated widely with leading scholars who study social interaction in ordinary, professional and institutional settings, spending substantive sabbaticals with international scholars including Professors Emanuel Schegloff and John Heritage at the University of California (2006-2007); Professor Leelo Keevallik at Linköping University in Sweden (2013-2014), and Professor Lorenza Mondada at Basel University in Switzerland (2019).

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  • PhD in Psychology – Lancaster University, 1994
  • BA (Hons) Psychology – University of Otago, 1989

  • Chartered psychologist, British Psychological Society.
  • Fellow, Higher Education Authority.
  • Adjunct professor, School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
  • External supervisor, School of Psychology, Roehampton University
  • Conversation Analysis Role-Play Method (CARM) Affiliate, Loughborough University

  • Social and discursive psychology
  • Feminist psychology
  • Conversation analysis
  • Video studies of social interaction
  • Helplines and clinical interactions
  • Violence against women and girls

  • Editorial board member for Research on Language and Social Interaction from 2018
  • Associate Editor for British Journal of Social Psychology from 2013
  • Consulting Editor for Feminism and Psychology from 2013

  • Using Talk and the Body to Prevent Gender Based Violence. A Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden funded project. (Principal Investigator 2020 – 2024)
  • Fostering cats for health: How do cat fostering programmes benefit companion animals and humans? Funded by the New Zealand Companion Animal Health Foundation (Co-principal Investigator 2021-2022)
  • Rape and barriers to accessing support. A Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden funded project (Principal Investigator 2014-2018)

  • Tennent, E., & Weatherall, A. (2024). Person Reference and a Preference for Association in Emergency Calls. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 57(2), 235–252.
  • Weatherall, A., Grattan, F. (2023). A conversation analytic study of calls to medical reception for doctor’s appointments. Health Communication, 12, 1-11 1080/10410236.2023.2222462
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  • Weatherall, A. (2021). "Scuse the snivelling": Talking and the moral accountability of crying. In Weatherall, A. & Robles, J.J. (Eds.) How emotions are made in talk . Amsterdam: John Benjamins
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  • Weatherall, A., & Tennent, E. (2020) "I don’t have an address": Housing instability and domestic violence in help-seeking calls to a support service. Feminism & Psychology, International Gender and Language Association Best Article Prize 2023
  • Gasiorek, J., Weatherall, A., & Watson, B. (2020). Interactional Adjustment: Three Approaches in Language and Social Psychology. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.
  • Weatherall, A. (2020) Constituting agency in the delivery of telephone-mediated victim support. Qualitative Research in Psychology: 1-17.
  • Books
  • Weatherall, A., & Robles, J. (Eds) (2021) How emotions are made in talk. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Weatherall, A., Gallois, C., & Watson, B. (Eds.). (2007). Language, discourse and social psychology. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave MacMillan.

Weatherall, A. (Nov 29, 2023). Invited seminar. Language matters in the prevention of gendered violence. Department of Linguistics. University of Wolverhampton.

Weatherall, A. (June 8, 2023). Invited seminar. Intervening in gender based violence. Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication. University of York, United Kingdom.

Weatherall, A. (3-5 May, 2023) Invited keynote presentation. Intervening in trajectories of gender-based violence. Finnish Annual Social Psychology conference. Tampere University, Finland.

Weatherall, A. (27-28 October, 2022) Invited keynote presentation. Embodying and Resisting Discoursed of Gendered Violence to International Seminar on Gender and Discourse. Valenica, Spain

Weatherall, A. (19th October, 2022) Invited Seminar ‘An interactional approach to Gendered Violence. A Study of calls to the police, classified as ‘family harm’. School of Psychology, University of Bedfordshire.

Weatherall, A. (10 August, 2022). Invited keynote presentation ‘Resistance and feminist Self Defence Classes to 7th Resistance in talk-in-interaction conference. Oxford, UK.

Weatherall, A. (Feb, 2022). Invited Seminar. Verbal and Embodied Co-productions in Feminist Self-Defence Classes and Women’s Empowerment. University of Ulster, Ireland.

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