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Psychology Speaker Policy

The School of Psychology Speaker Invitation Diversity Policy

The organiser of the School's Lecture Series will ensure a scholarly program of high quality speakers that represents the broad diversity of our community. The aim is to achieve a speaker balance by including under-represented groups reflecting the actual make-up of our community. We feel that supporting diversity of thought will be essential for the growth of science in general and in particular the development of psychology. Psychology Professor Uta Frith, FRS has developed an excellent video regarding the topic of unconscious bias and diversity issues: Watch the video here

Reporting Policy

The School of Psychology will report speaker balance statistics on the website.


The School of Psychology welcomes all feedback on our policy and how it could be improved in the future. We encourage all members of our community to participate in the School's Lecture Series and to contribute to discussions.

Speakers receive the following optional questionnaire (below is solely an example and cannot be completed online)

The School of Psychology at the University of Bedfordshire is committed to diversity in science and have developed this speaker policy to foster speaker diversity. To help, could you please, as an invited speaker, give us the following information? Your information will remain anonymous and only be reported in aggregate form (e.g., percentage of speakers from under-represented groups over a given period of time).

Please do not write your name on this document

Sex at birth: _____________

Gender identity: ___________

Do you self-identify as LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and Intersex)? _____________

Do you consider yourself to be a member of an ethnic minority group? ___________

Do you have a disability? ___________

Years since PhD: ______________

What were your parents’ or legal guardians’ occupations? ___________

Thank you very much for participating in this initiative and please make sure you have not written your name anywhere on this document.

Bedfordshire University

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