National Scholarship Programme

Academic Year 2014/2015 - for reference only

The University of Bedfordshire is offering 1024 National Scholarships for 2014/15.

All eligible students who are not awarded the National Scholarship will be awarded the Access Scholarship worth £1,200. The National Scholarship is worth £2,700 and is paid over three years.

The National Scholarship is paid in three instalments. It is a mixture of cash, Aspire card credit and print credit.

The Welcome Package is paid following registration.

Care leavers who meet the eligibility criteria will automatically be awarded a National Scholarship.

Award Details Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Welcome Package: Print credit




Welcome Package: Aspire credit




Cash/Flexible Payment (February)




Aspire credit (February)



Cash/Flexible Payment (April)








Who is eligible for the National Scholarship

  • Students with a declared household residual income of £25,000 or less
  • Home/UK students who are ordinarily resident in England
  • Students applying for the first year as a new student at the University, on an honours degree as a full-time student
  • Students paying the full tuition fee amount of £9,000 per year of study

All applications will be considered, using a points-based system which aims to prioritise under-represented groups. This includes learners with disabilities, care leavers, mature students and other groups which are currently under represented in Higher Education.

Meeting the eligibility criteria does not automatically mean you will be awarded the National Scholarship as there are just 1,024 National Scholarships available from the University.

Students who meet this criteria but are not awarded the National Scholarship will receive the Access Scholarship worth £1,200.

Who is not eligible for a National Scholarship?

  • UK students who are ordinarily resident in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • EU and international students
  • NHS-funded students
  • Students undertaking a postgraduate initial teacher training course leading to qualified teacher status
  • Students directly continuing from one course to another (for example, from foundation degree or HND on to the final year of an honours degree)
  • Students who have previously studied at the University
  • Students transferring in from another institution
  • Students undertaking a postgraduate qualification
  • Part-time students
  • Any other students whose fees are paid or part-paid through a sponsorship arrangement.

How do I apply for the National Scholarship?

To be considered for the National Scholarship you must first consent to share your financial information with the University when you are applying for your student finance for 2014-15.

If we do not have this household income confirmation we cannot consider you for a National Scholarship.

Additional Funding

If students are in financial difficulty they are able to apply to the Access to Learning Fund for additional financial support.

Funding in subsequent years of study

Care leavers will receive a further £1,000 in academic year two and three.

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