Making Research Count

Your Route to Knowledge-Based Practice in Social Work and Social Care

Making Research Count is a national collaborative research dissemination initiative, established by a consortium of universities (including the University of Bedfordshire) and developed by regional centres.

The consortium of universities has a proven track record in social work and social care research as well as providing social work education at qualifying and post qualifying levels. These common interests provide a foundation to promote "knowledge-based practice" in social work and social care.

These university-based regional centres have formed collaborative partnerships with member agencies, to promote and develop knowledge-based practice and improve services in social work, social care and their interface with allied agencies in the statutory and voluntary sector.

Each regional centre has established a unique approach to knowledge based practice based on the needs of local partnerships. This has included:

  • Workshops, seminars and developmental events
  • Support to develop an agency approach to knowledge-based practice
  • Shared regional knowledge-based events
  • Conferences
  • Production of national and local research summaries
  • A website

The University of Bedfordshire has 20 partners, each paying an annual subscription in return for a negotiated range of services.

Our partners

Services currently provided by Making Research Count at the University of Bedfordshire include seminars and conferences addressing topical issues in social work and social care, journal clubs (including Fostering and Adoption, Children Displaying Sexually Harmful Behaviour, and Children and Domestic Violence), and access to specialist advice/consultancy.

If you would like information on joining MRC, please contact Jo Neale, Co-ordinator, at


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