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MBA Global Networking Association

President's note

Welcome to the University of Bedfordshire - MBA Global Networking Association

We aim to bring great experience for all MBA students and alumni in line with the objectives of the Global Networking Association

Our official launch of the association was on 18 February 2016, with guest speakers Sarah Setterfield from impact4success on ‘Building a Personal Brand’ and Lee Allen on ‘Internship’.  

The event was recorded and shown to MBA students in various locations including Oman, Singapore, China and India.

This was the first of many educational and interactive events to be organised by the association to enhance the student experience.

We encourage students to participate in these events and also interact via our online forums to share ideas and information that can help enrich our student experience.

Update March 2018

The new management team is now in place. You can find out more about our responsibilities and see photos of us on our team profile page

We would like to say thank you to the outgoing team and we are ready to continue building on the work that they have done since the official launch of the association in 2016.

At the moment we are at the planning stage.

  • We are planning to create a platform that will allow the connection of the present postgraduate students with the old ones. On this platform, students can see who the members are and if they want somebody specifically to talk to, they can do it. The students will not lose access to the platform  even if they have graduated already.
  • We will try to improve our connection as well with our international partners from Oman, China, Singapore and India. This would allow opportunities for a global networking association.
  • There will be a large variety of online topics where students can participate in online discussions with each other.
  • Organising more events. This will help us to get to know each other better in terms of wants and needs and at the same time members  will gain knowledge and skills that will be useful not only in their life as a student but as well when they graduate and start looking for employment opportunities.

Oxana Caraman
UoB-MBA GNA President

Bedfordshire University

President's note