How to apply for a Research Degree

Deadlines for applications

Application deadlines for October 2019 intake:

  • The deadline has now passed for International applicants.
  • UK/EU nationals - 1 September 2019

Application deadlines for March 2020 intake:

  • International applicants - 1 December 2019
  • UK/EU nationals - 2 February 2020

The University of Bedfordshire offers a range of research degree programmes in a variety of topic areas.

Before you make a formal application there are some questions you may want to ask yourself to make sure you are heading in the right direction:

Structured inductions

The Research Graduate School runs a structured induction programme for all research degree courses. There are two registration points in the course of an academic year.

See Structured Induction for more information.

What is my qualification aim?

See Programmes for more information.

Do I want to study full time or part time?

For some applicants part time may not be available see Requirements for more information. Also some courses, like professional doctorates, are only offered part time due to their nature.

What research topic am I interested in?

See Topics to find out the range of expertise in which the University of Bedfordshire can offer supervision.

Do I understand the financial commitment of a research degree programme?

The University of Bedfordshire offer a competitive fee rate for research degree programmes. For more information see Fees and International Scholarships and Discounts

Are you ready to make an application?

Great! Here is a checklist of documents and information you will need:

  • Contact address details
  • Course interested in
  • Research area of interest
  • Proposal (2000 word max) – Need some guidance? Go to proposal guidance
  • Curriculum vitae (or resume)
  • Passport details (for International applicants)
  • Immigration History Form (for International students who have previously studied in the UK)

How do I submit an application?

Please download the Research Graduate School Application Form

The form is in writable PDF format. You can fill it in on your computer or you can print it out and fill it in with a pen. Guidance notes are included with the form.


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I want to know more about what happens when I get here

See Structured Induction for more information.


Enquire about research degrees

By telephone
During office hours
(Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00)
+44 (0)1582 489056

By email

How to apply for a research degree

For all the information you need on how to apply for a research degree and to make sure you fulfil the entry requirements visit our 'How to apply' page

You should have a good honours degree (2:1 or above) or masters degree or equivalent in the relevant subject area.

International applicants should be aware of our English language requirements