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Engineering research in the University of Bedfordshire has a multi-stranded approach with five key focal areas: mechanical engineering, nano technologies, materials and manufacturing, electrical and electronic engineering, and civil engineering.

Our team is part of the Institute for Research in Applicable Computing (IRAC), and currently includes 26 academic and research staff with 80% of their works being recognised at an international level.

Research impact

Research in Engineering has been financially supported by many sources, including EPSRC, Innovate UK, EU Development Funds, and local industry partners.

Our research is applied to engineering and technical challenges of the present and the future, and has contributed to the development of:

  • Air and water quality protection
  • Greenhouse gas reduction
  • Improving renewable energy efficiency
  • Low carbon buildings and transport
  • Nano-scale laser manufacturing
  • Transport safety

Our research excellence

Specialist knowledge and facilities

We combine specialist knowledge in mechanical engineering, materials and manufacture engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and civil engineering to make significant contributions to research in the field.

Topics that showcase the breadth of knowledge amongst our staff include:

  • Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Low carbon vehicle powertrains
  • Thermodynamics and thermofluids
  • Advanced control and diagnostics for energy systems
  • Laser interference lithography based micro-/nano-scale material surface modification
  • Nano-scale bio-cell manipulation and measurement
  • Advanced structure and smart building

Our new STEM building has reinforced our work with specialist equipment that helps push us to the forefront of engineering research. Students and researchers at the University now have access to cutting-edge technology including a nanosecond pulse laser and atomic force microscopy (AFM) for nano-scale manufacturing and structuring.

Working with our students

We work with students at every level to ensure that our innovative work in engineering continues to be ahead of the curve.

Our undergraduates and post-graduate taught students have access to our facilities and engage in our research activities and outputs as part of their unit and final projects.

Our post-graduate research students receive direct support and supervision for their research projects, thesis writing, research publications and academic skills development so that they can enhance the future of engineering research.

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