STEM Building - Gallery


The Computer Science and Technology Labs

The University's STEM Building was officially opened by Lord Robert Winston on Tuesday 17th September 2019.

The School of Computer Science occupies two floors of the new STEM building, comprising ten labs.


The Engineering lab is equipped with 24 computers.

Each computer has:

  • Intel core i5 processors
  • 8 GB RAM

Laser and Optics

The Laser and Optics lab has a seating capacity of 24.

Mechatronics and Electronic Engineering

This room is for Mechatronics and Electronic Engineering for additive manufacturing, that is, machines that add material to produce a component.

The room is equipped with:

  • Six solder stations and extractors
  • Construction work benches

Product Design

The Product Design, Mechanical Engineering and Physics lab has a seating capacity of 20.

Mechatronics and Physics

The Mechatronics and Physics lab is equipped with 24 computers.

Each computer has:

  • Intel core i5 processors
  • 8 GB RAM

Machine Workshop and Product Design

The Machine Workshop and Product Design lab is also known as a 'Makers Lab'. The lab provides traditional subtractive manufacturing, that is, machines that cut material to produce a component, e.g.

  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Drills
  • Saws

The Makers Lab also has additive manufacturing, that is machines that add material to produce a component:

  • 3D printers

General Teaching

There are several General Teaching Labs ranging in size from 15 to 71 computers.

The smaller capacity rooms have:

  • HP ProOne 23.8” All in one Desktop Computers
  • 16GB RAM

The larger capacity rooms have:

  • Intel core i5 processors Computers
  • 8 GB RAM

Study Hubs

We have three purpose built study hubs, for use by students for either individual or group studies.

Two hubs have capacity for six students and one has capacity for four students. Each hub has a large screen monitor which you can connect to a laptop. Each station is equipped with USB and power socket hubs.

Computer Science and Software Engineering


Network Engineering

Each networking room is equipped with 30 computers:

  • Intel core i7 processors
  • 8GB RAM
  • Dual HD 238GB & 500GB
  • State of the Art Cisco equipment

Graphical and Games Development Labs

Each room is equipped with 14 -20 computers:

  • Viglen Intel core i7 processors
  • Dual HD 238GB & 500GB or 1TB HD
  • Used for specialist game and graphics teaching



Our Telecommunications lab has 30 computers, each with:

  • Intel core i7 3.60 GHz processors
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Dual HD 238GB & 500GB

This lab is also equipped with 4 NEC display screens together with a lectern with a zoom display facility for exhibiting individual items.

Forensics lab

Security and Forensics

Computer Security and Forensic Analysis Lab - dedicated to teaching Security and Forensic Science course units.

  • Use of specialist forensic software
  • Security Penetration testing
  • Fitted with specialist forensics hardware

Computers in library

Additional Facilities

You can now use our PC's even when the CST Labs are closed!

We now have 8 of our PC's located within the Learning Resources Centre. These can be found on LRC L2 (level 2). These PC's have the same software installation as our generic PC's in the CST Labs.

Milton Keynes campus computer room

Milton Keynes Campus

We also have a CST Lab situated in our Milton Keynes Campus.  This lab is equipped with 15 PC's and is used for computer engineering.

  • Intel core i7 3.60 GHz processors
  • 8 GB RAM

Additional Resources

As well as access to our high spec labs all Computer Science and Technology students at the University of Bedfordshire are eligible for the following:

  • An account on StudentNET provided by the department for managing your course work and your online profile / blog
  • Access to downloadable software VMware Workstation. Microsoft developer tools are also available
  • Access to on-line training courses such as the National Instruments course 'Self-Paced'