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Computing - electronic components

School of Computer Science and Technology Undergraduate BSc

Computer Science - Bachelor of Sciences with Honours

BSc (Hons) Computer Science gives you the full breadth of modern computational technology. You get a deep understanding of everyday applications from social media to online banking, and you will learn to write your own applications and services. Joining this course takes you on a journey from the fundamentals such as logic and hardware, data and networks in the first year to the specialist subject knowledge – such as artificial intelligence and data security – in the second year. In your final year projects (one individual and one as part of a small team of about six people) you will then apply your knowledge by developing a software application of your own choice, guided by a dedicated supervisor and sometimes in partnership with an external company.

Graduates of the course often continue on a postgraduate Masters in a specialist area or enter employment as Software Engineers, but the course equips you for a variety of roles within Computing and Information Systems.

The best thing has been the careers department; I'm getting a job offer a week because of the diversity of the course. The course itself was in depth and covered lots of areas

Having complete access to labs at all times (24h) to continue work on projects.

Construction Management

Construction Management - Bachelor of Sciences with Honours

Whether you have a lot or no experience of the industry, if you are looking for a programme that blends both the theory and practice of sustainable design and construction in detail then this course is a must. This course has not only helped me to gain employment but also to bring real value to what I have been working on. I really enjoyed my final year completing my honours project and learnt a lot as a student on the BSc (Hons) Construction Management Course.

Building Technology - Bachelor of Sciences with Honours

You will explore not only traditional construction, but the environmentally friendly sustainable construction and science behind it all as well. Design is all about the knowledge and implementation of Technology and this is the focus of this course. The staff are active in industry and are informed of the requirements as well as being instrumental in the introduction of change. The theory of this course is supported by real projects ranging from small extensions and retrofit to the Earthship project and Eco House design.

I thought I should update you on my job situation...after going through the interview and recruitment processes, assessment days and testing, I was shortlisted from 1233 applicants for the trainee management scheme, I made it through to second interviews where I was offered the job!! Thank you so much for supporting me throughout my degree.


Computer Networking - Bachelor of Sciences with Honours

This course will enable students to understand basic concepts related to Computer networking. Before a detailed insight is provided about core networking principles, which make most of our daily life networking devices and applications run and work for us.

Students will gradually build knowledge about both wired and wireless networking which are an integral part of daily life, an exposure is made towards network security too. As the course evolves, subsequently state of art topics as well as concepts central to the internet, its existence and functionality are covered at level 3. The course offers solid understanding of computer networking starting from its essentials to real world implementations.

Effectively, by studying this course, students will develop the required skills to implement computer network infrastructures in all sectors of the community. The course is employment focused and students will gain the knowledge and skills to gain employment in several positions such as Helpdesk and Support Engineers, Network Systems Engineering, Network / Systems Administrators, Project Managers, Network Security Specialist etc.,

I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Advanced Networking course at the University of Bedfordshire. It was a very informative and excellently delivered course. One which I would definitely recommend to anybody, who would like to expand their knowledge in the networking sector. My tutor Dr Ghazanfar Safdar, was exceptionally helpful and had a wealth of knowledge, and was always close by to offer guidance and help when necessary. This really made it a very fruitful experience.

Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems - Bachelor of Sciences with Honours

Business Information Systems is an exciting subject choice for you if you enjoy problem solving at the intersection of business and IT. You will gain analytical and critical thinking skills in business and IT, a professional understanding of business environments and operations as well as familiarity with cutting edge information systems and current industrial standards for business applications. Your studies will prepare you for a career as Business Analyst, Business Application Developer, Information Systems Manager, IT Project Manager, IT Consultant or IT/Business Lecturer. You will be able to conduct further Computing and Information Systems related postgraduate studies. In your final year you could work on 'real life' problems for companies such as MKEA or Heathrow Airport. You will learn from our inspirational staff who will help you to get the best possible student experience, giving you the cultural capital you can take out to the world.

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

By signing up for this course, you get hands-on experience in software and hardware tools widely used in electronic engineering. This includes the facilities provided by electronics company of international fame National Instruments tools. You will also benefit from the facilities of our new multimillion STEM building with state-of-the art facilities for engineering. Your course will take you on a wide range of topics, and you are given exciting opportunities to be involved in real-world Research &Development projects - or you could gain experience with impressive industry partners such as ABB, Selex etc. As well as the stimulating seminars with world class lecturers, you will also hear from world class professionals. This included in the past the incredible inventors of the Raspberry Pi and the creator of the GNU project.

Telecommunications and Network Engineering

Telecommunications and Network Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering with Honours

Telecommunication systems are an integral part of our everyday life, but the speed and availability of information will continue to transform all aspects of our economy and society. As the number of connected devices surges, there is a growing demand for graduates who are able to design, deploy and manage networks and telecommunication systems.

By joining this course, you will learn the fundamental principles and technology that underpins modern telecommunication systems. This is an exciting subject which combines wireless networks, microwave and optical communications, signal processing and real-time communication. You will acquire practical knowledge and skills in our modern Telecommunication Lab fitted with oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, power supplies and other equipment from companies such as National Instruments and Rohde&Schwarz. You can use this course to embark on a local or international career in industry or progress to a further study at postgraduate level.

Postgraduate MSc

Computer Security and Forensics

Computer Security and Forensics - Master of Science

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get hands-on experience in cyber security and digital forensics, covering domains such as network security, systems hardening, ethical hacking, digital forensics, incident response, and the legal requirements for those who work in computer security and forensics. You will be working at the cutting edge of technology, learning how to keep up with, and defeat, the cyber-criminal. Gaining experience of the whole security life-cycle will get you the required skills to gain professional certifications from world leading providers including CompTIA, and EC-Council.


Electronic Engineering - Master of Science

This is your chance to gain a thorough understanding of electronics and capability in developing interesting engineering solutions to practical electronic problems. You will be equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in related areas such as digital communications, signal processing, electronic circuits and microprocessors. You will also acquire new skills that will help you prepare for business and industry expectations, develop best practice in engineering and apply it to address stakeholder needs. You will meet with fantastic, well-established companies including National Instruments, Selex, Rhode & Shwarz and Axis Electronics. You will be ready to apply for Electronic Development Engineer posts in industry e.g. power electronics, breadboard design, circuit design, product testing, smart home engineering, etc.,


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