Following registration, a research student with the support and direction of the supervisory team will establish the detailed programme of study.

Students will register onto the MPhil course, with the possibility of transfer to PhD. 

Students undertake two Progression Point assessments during their study. These are aimed to help students to complete their research degrees successfully and on time and are designed to align with the need to compile a thesis for final examination and to simulate the final examination processes. The assessments rest on the submission of substantial written documents and a short Viva Voce examination. The documents contain material that will be needed for the final thesis.  Upon successful completion of the second Progression Point, the student will transfer to the PhD.  

This process of formal scrutiny provides both quality assurance of the postgraduate research degree progression and effective formal academic feedback for the research student at critical stages in the course of their study.

Timings for the academic progression of part-time students will be longer and will vary depending upon the nature of the agreed commitment.


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